Excited more for this or ORC?

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User Info: DrStrangelove88

5 years ago#1
Since this will be a glorious year, what are you more excited for and why?

ORC for me because of Nicholai's return and Umbrella's viewpoint of Raccoon City. RE6 will be awesome and I'll buy it first day but ORC looks so cool. :p
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User Info: xWade42x

5 years ago#2
I'm more excited for RE6 (obvious reasons), but I'm getting both.
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User Info: d1s

5 years ago#3

I was intrigued by ORC, but the more gameplay that I see, the less impressed I am by it. I took a step back and asked myself:

"If ORC didn't have RE in the title, if the USS were just "Generic Special Service," would I be able to tell that it was an RE game? Would I be as interested in it? Or would I look at it and think "oh! Left 4 Dead meets Gears of War." Let's see what they do?"

It seems more "3rd person zombie shooter" than it does RE. As if Capcom decided to throw "RE" in there and set it during the events of RE2 so that they would have less work to do with regard to explaining the environment, background, events, creatures etc. "We call it resident evil so we automatically have a palette of characters and locales to pull from without having to actually come up with anything new. And then we can even change the events because we'll call it "an alternate reality."

Which is fine. Except, I don't know...the gameplay that I've seen is very underwhelming, and very "been there, done that" in other. Don't get me wrong, when I first saw Army of Two I thought "Gears of War clone," but I feel as though they did enough with that series that they placed their own mark on the 3rd person cover, based shooter world. The AGGRO system, synchronized sniping, etc. So game can be "inspired by" without being "derivative." ORC strikes me as a checklist kind of game:

"they have this, this, and this in their game, so we need to have those. Now set it in Raccoon city."

I was on the fence about ORC, leaning toward not picking it up. After seeing the trailer for RE6 I decided I'll pass on ORC entirely, and wait to see more of RE6.
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User Info: dr_zomberg

5 years ago#4
in ORC, i get to kill leon! HURRAH!
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User Info: Maninstagnate

5 years ago#5
ORC for me the story and premise seems to be refreshing and a nice change from a series who's story has become stale and runed on for too long. The game is getting some favorable impressions from the media and by fans who were skeptical at first but changed there opinion when they played at comic-con or other events. Re6 though seems like they are ditching the survival aspect and try to make the storytelling seem like Uncharted which would probably be stupid.

User Info: VaultTecBoy1986

5 years ago#6
Re6 though seems like they are ditching the survival aspect and try to make the storytelling seem like Uncharted which would probably be stupid.

Resident Evil 4, and most certainly 5, ditched the survival aspect.

And why would presenting the story like Uncharted be in any way stupid? Uncharted's seemless chapter integration (no outdated "results" screens) which help the story progress nicely, preventing gamers being withdrawn from the imersion is a rare feature in video games. If Capcom want to present the game like this, I have no issues and quite frankly, I'm sick of seeing "end of chapter" screens which prevent you with a rank and interupt the flow of the plot.

On topic, I'm very excited for both games but find myself that much more interested in Resident Evil Revelations for the 3DS which I'll be picking up at the end of the week.
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