What's with all the dudes latley?

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User Info: Shadow_n_Knux

5 years ago#1

Why are the mle characters receiving all the attention?  Remember when Chris and Jill aswell as Claire and Leon were seen as equals?  Infact if you look at the games from one to CV I'd say the female characters stole the spotlight.

Jill's RE1 storyline surpassed Chris' with the whole "is Barry a traitor or not?" thing while Chris' storyline had the massive plothole that started wit "Lets look for Barry!"  and ended with "lol who's Barry?".  Seriously I hate how CAPCOM are just treating Chris' story with Jill tagging along as canon, I'm looking at you Umbrella Chronicles!  Then there was Resident Evil 3 which Jill starred in as the sole (for the most part) character.  If you were to look at the original trilogy and had to pick the main character it would be Jill.  Which is why I've always found it annoying that Wesker was always like "I despise you Chris Redfield with every fibre of m- OH HAI JILL!"  It implies that he does not view her as a threat, infact during Wesker's Russia facilty missions in UC all of his dialouge is Chris specific.  He should hate and what vengence on both of them, as well as Rebecca and the Bazzda.


Then you have Claire.  Her default storyline for Resident Evil was the one chosen to be canon, meaning if you wanted to see Leon's true story you needed to play through Claire's.  There's also the fact that Claire's CV sections are undoudedly superior to Chris' which contained a lot of rehash.  But despite this Claire gets shoved aside for Leon's new gal pal in the final act of Degeneration.


Now I would also mention Rebecca but her role has always been the little girl in over her head, so it is a shame that we have yet to see her develop further as a character.  CAPCOM for awhile didn't seem to be the biggest fans of her as she didn't even get a mention in the RE3 epilouges (HUNK got a mention. Hell Tofu got friggin cameo.)  But you think with Zero, her side missions in UC and her role in Mercenaries she could warrant at least a role in a side game.  I know there was arumour that she had died in Racoon City but that was proven untrue.


But once RE4 got popular all the focus has been on Leon and Chris.  Now I know CAPCOM are simply trying to cash in on their two most popular characters from their two most successful RE games, but it seems a shame that a series that once contained a lot of strong female characters has decided to push them aside in favour of the boys.

Now of course there was Sheva, but she played follow the big manly leader, which is also a shame as she too seemed to have an interesting back story.  Also it looks like she won't be around for RE6 as she has been replaced by a man. 



User Info: Safer_777

5 years ago#2
The main RE characters are Leon,Chris,Jill and Claire.And yeah you are right.You could play in some other games as Claire and Jill but there were either DLC or spin off.In fact look this

RE1=Chris and Jill
RE2=Leon and Claire
RE CV=Claire and Chris
RE 4=Leon
RE 5=Chris
RE 6=Leon and Chris

Notice anything?Chris is in 4 main games!Leon in 3 and Claire and Jill in 2 only!And the biggest change to bring them all would be in 6 but nope!They could add Jill as Leon's partner and Claire as New Guy's partner!But they prefer the new girls that nobody cares!
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User Info: sbn4

5 years ago#3
I think its for marketing purposes. Lets face it, in a game like this (action oriented "horror") I'm assuming most gamers would prefer male characters. Chris and Leon have better marketibilty than Jill and Claire do IMO (unless they are made to look overly sexy).

And perhaps Capcom prefers male leads.
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User Info: Sombrero_Shadow

5 years ago#4
Jill is the lead of Revelations.

The squad in Operation Raccoon City is lead by a girl, with half of the team being female.
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User Info: JCuster

5 years ago#5
I think a Leon/Jill combo woulda been great. Not to mention a cameo or phonecall from Claire to help Leon and Jill out; maybe having Claire in a Hunnigan-role since she's not affiliated with any special forces or anything. Chris again is kinda played out(if he's gonna be the stoic/angry guy again...blegh); giving us Jill again after RE5/Revelations would be a good way to show what she's been up to since RE5. But if it's Leon/Chris in the US and China, I think Ada may make an appearance.
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User Info: qbertmaster

5 years ago#6
Sheva was a lead in 5. Why doesn't that count anywhere?
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User Info: Silverhaze2525

5 years ago#7
I hope 7 is going to be Jill/Claire. I couldn't agree more with the TC. The women in this series are great and need to stop getting pushed aside for the bland, boring male characters.

User Info: oKiRe

5 years ago#8
I don't get why Jill isn't still Chris' partner in this game. Maybe this takes place after the mansion incident.

User Info: FatalxInnocence

5 years ago#9
I'd actually like to see Claire & Jill pair up in DLC or something. I mean, you have to admit! 2 girls as a team would be a nice change in this game since all the leads currently in RE6 are male... and Chris is a team of guys! so a girl team would be nice.

Maybe Ada has a female partner, maybe Ada's partner will be Sherry? that would also be an interesting combination!

We know Ada has a scenario, but we don't know anything about it. So who knows? =S

User Info: mrfoor

5 years ago#10
We know Ada has a scenario?
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