First RE game you played?

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User Info: ResidentGerts

5 years ago#1
Just curious which game most people started with in the series.

I started with 2 on N64.

User Info: sig1134

5 years ago#2
i rented the first one for PS1 from blockbuster in 1997...i died countless times in that first hallway with the very first zombie...

the whole idea of survival really didn't hit me until someone was watching me play and said, "you know you can run past that guy, right?"

after that...played them all...fave would be REmake on the gamecube...
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User Info: Unable2Connect

5 years ago#3
The original on the PS1.


User Info: latinoheat51784

5 years ago#4
RE2 on N64. Played all main canon games since I got hooked on RE.
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User Info: PR_Fiasco

5 years ago#5
Played the original RE with my older cousin for about 5 minutes, then sat back and watched him play all day and night because I couldn't figure it out.
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User Info: TheSchref

5 years ago#6
Original Resident Evil on Playstation.

User Info: Moogle_trainer

5 years ago#7
RE2 on PlayStation. Playing as Leon, Beat it after a couple of months and discovering Faqs online.
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User Info: Atl_Star

5 years ago#8
resident evil 2 on ps scared the #### out of me back then haha

User Info: Goldsickle

5 years ago#9
The very first RE I played is the very first one released, back in 1996.
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User Info: Duffy12323

5 years ago#10
Directors Cut on ps1 back in 97-98.
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