You would think the next RE game would be Outbreak File 3 right?

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  3. You would think the next RE game would be Outbreak File 3 right?

User Info: CallMeCujo

5 years ago#21
shotgunheadshot posted...
supedude posted...
the virus gauge was awesome, helped make the game exciting

In your opinion it does. It my opinion it sucks its uselsss. The game would be more fun and exciting without it. Keep clocks in racing and puzzle games where they belong. Not in RE games.


User Info: dr_zomberg

5 years ago#22
it was a good element, but badly done.
i would have like it that you didnt get infected until attacked, and even then on some occasions ( like the crows atop j's bar. random chance a zombie grab might infect you -scratches?).

but that you start the levels already infected? come on!
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User Info: RafNasty

5 years ago#23
^This. I loved Outbreak. With some tweaks it could be amazing.
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User Info: mkfreddddi

5 years ago#24
ORC could kinda be considered Outbreak 3. it has several unique characters, each has their own special skills, and you can get infected then turn into zombies. But there are obvious differences like you dont start off being infected, infected gauge runs too fast, action everywhere, overload of guns, you arent survivors, and your goal isnt really survival. If a few changes were made, this could have easily been Resident Evil Outbreak #3
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User Info: ryan0991

5 years ago#25
The loading times... those loading times.

*curls up into fetal position*
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User Info: PR_Fiasco

5 years ago#26
I'd love if the rebooted Outbreak, even though most seem to be against it.
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User Info: CallMeCujo

5 years ago#27
I liked the scenarios and the different viewpoints of normal civilians and the use of melee weapons. But overall its still not as good as any of the main titles and the virus gauge really was a problem with me too. But I did like that you seen more of the city and fought some pretty interesting villians.

User Info: ultra magnus13

ultra magnus13
5 years ago#28
There are zombies. You are suppose to feel panicked and rushed. If you kept your cool you would be fine and had plenty of time to do all you want. Maybe have it disabled for easy mode, because I'm honestly convinced that's the problem here.
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User Info: Evangelized

5 years ago#29
With the PS3 and 360 out, File #3 would be a fantastic multi player game.
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