so is Dead Rising part of the Resident Evil canon?

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  3. so is Dead Rising part of the Resident Evil canon?

User Info: WellKnownNomad

5 years ago#1
they both have zombies and both are made by Capcom...
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User Info: PR_Fiasco

5 years ago#2
Try harder.

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User Info: turok9961

5 years ago#3
no but it would be funny if frank west was in the suddenly showed up with his duel ended chainsaw paddle thing
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User Info: Davy_R

5 years ago#4
PR_Fiasco posted...
Try harder.

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User Info: sy-bro22

5 years ago#5

Lol whos to say it isnt?!

Umbrella could have easily covered up the first game! (vegas i dunno lol)

yea and the virus is diffrent. BUT WHOS TO SAY!! SERIOUSLY! (im gonna live in false reality where they are in the same universe... dr 2 is just in the future lol)

User Info: TVthePunisher

5 years ago#6
Thing is there's nothing much to cover up aside from their own asses in the Dead Rising universe...everyone knows zombies are a problem and the Umbrella corporation in that game (I can't remember the name ugh) cashes in on it by creating cures. Anyways, two separate stories with different zombies all's effected by a virus and one's effected by a friggin bee.
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User Info: _Elite_Bushido_

5 years ago#7

From: PR_Fiasco | #002
Try harder.


remember the first Dead Rising possibly could have had something to do with RE4
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User Info: edwiniseman

5 years ago#8
No, but it'd be an instant buy for me if Frank West or Chuck Greene were added to Merc Mode, bodyslamming and spike batting zombies! BEASTLY!
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  3. so is Dead Rising part of the Resident Evil canon?

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