Lets break this down....

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User Info: mortal118

5 years ago#11
What about HUNK?!?
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User Info: CallMeCujo

5 years ago#12
Im pretty sure that Leon, Chris, Ada, Jill, and Hunk are about the only people that would return to any future games from now on. Id love to see another game with Krauser but im sure he is done for since he was in 2 games now lol.

User Info: bfmv2007

5 years ago#13

Would like to see Rebecca and Billy at least mentioned in a RE game, just to know if there alive or not. Better yet, I would like for Rebecca and Billy to be featured in another RE game.

User Info: dr_zomberg

5 years ago#14
the missile didnt miss.
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User Info: Seraphion_Omnis

5 years ago#15
xTeKNiQuEx posted...
I mean capcom can't just leave an open story right? tons of characters havvent been used but they continue to recycle leon and chris

If only this were true, but any fan of DMC knows otherwise. There's a huge open story there and the entire thing is just thrown out for a "reboot".

User Info: xTeKNiQuEx

5 years ago#16
How could i forget about hunk? I think Capcom made 2 uh oh's that they wish they didn't. One being killing off umbrella, cause know there forced to come up with a new group for almost every game. Two killing off wesker. I mean im sad to see him go... i miss the " Aw S*** here we go again" moments.
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  3. Lets break this down....

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