Characters i would like to see or petition for in RE6 if ever possible.

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User Info: Sniper_Striker

5 years ago#1
What the game has so far according to the trailers:

Playable characters

Chris Redfield
Leon S Kennedy

New Possible playable characters

Helena Harper
Beards Nevence

Now here is my suggestions or ideas for RE: 6 in terms of characters, tell what you guys think

Characters i would like to see return

Ada Wong
Fong Ling
Jill Valentine
Josh Stone (He may be African BSAA, but he could return as a supporting character)

New Playable Characters i would like to see added (no negative comments please)

"Benson Wong" (Ada Wong's older brother, ex Hong Kong SDU and Hong Kong BSAA Division) (Have him playable in around 3 levels, supporting Chris and the BSAA, and maybe fight one BOW boss)

"Derrick Chen" (Hong Kong BSAA Rifleman, best friend of Benson and ex-boyfriend of Ada Wong) (Playable maybe as the second player in co-op)

"Stanley Adams" Some random tourist who gets caught up in this mess in either Leon's side of the story or Chris Redfield's side of the story

"Rachel Carver" (Stanley's girlfriend)

"Yuan Changfeng" (PLA Military Major simply defending his country from the zombie outbreak, could just be a Mercenaries mode character or appear in the campaign or a DLC character, or maybe even Fong Ling's superior)

"Danny Jensen" (BSAA CQB Soldier)
"Malik Asad" (BSAA Sniper)

reason why i suggested this, 1: more diverse selection of characters, 2: It breaks the whole racial boundaries thing, RE: Operation City has Ada Wong, VECTOR and Four Eyes in it already so there should not be any problem adding the new characters i suggested right? especially with this ridiculous racist issues floating around. 3: i want to see how tourists attempt to survive without military experience and finally i just wanted to see more BSAA commandos as playable characters. not like in RE: 5 where Chris and Josh's teams SPOILERS for RE:5

where they all get killed off too fast in the first half of the game like redshirts from Star Trek.

Tell me what you guys think.

User Info: Duh_Bad_Guy

5 years ago#2
Barry.... Wheres Barry?
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User Info: Davy_R

5 years ago#3
Duh_Bad_Guy posted...
Barry.... Wheres Barry?

I... don't know. Maybe he went further into the mansion?
//Detroit Lions//
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User Info: Sniper_Striker

5 years ago#4
LOL Silly me how could i forget Barry Burton. well i didn't include him because there is already a topic about who is obviously not going to appear in the game and i think some people said Barry is most likely not gonna make it.

User Info: WeskerTeam

5 years ago#5

He'll be staring in his new game in a couple years, Resident Evil: The Barry Burton Chronicles for the WiiU-4thStation-1080X.

User Info: Bravo_Striker

5 years ago#6
actually i wouldn't mind seeing a "Benson Wong, and this Derrick guy as playable characters" but then they would have have to side playable Characters in the story helping Chris out. I can totally see Benson Wong = Hong Kong version of Captain Josh Stone from RE:5, but then if Capcom actually accepts this suggestion, they would probably make some cheesy twist about Benson being some former Chinese government agent like Ada Wong. I wouldn't be surprised if they make the Yuan Changfeng character a seemingly like good guy helping Chris and the BSAA teams, but then turns out to be some Umbrella double agent, or a villain. The tourists characters you suggested would most likely die as redshirts, so no point in making them playable, and the Jensen and Asad BSAA characters would most likely be supporting characters and playable in Mercenaries mode as i don't think they would put too many playable characters in the story mode unless the campaign is long and has 20 levels each. I do hope Ada Wong, Fong Ling, and HUNK have at least their own appearances or playable substories in the game's story though. Barry, Rebecca, Josh Stone and the others can just be mercenaries mode characters as i don't really see a point of them being in America or China. But i would like to see Barry in the America's story setting though.
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