Resident Evil Apocalypse*movie spoilers*

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User Info: salamoreblood

5 years ago#11

MGS was great    solid snake is the one character i would be ok with just randomly poping up in other games.  yes smash bros ruined me

User Info: TurbanSurprise

5 years ago#12
I do love the way that MGS fans think the only way anybody could possibly think little if kojima is if they hadn't played the games. I kind if enjoyed MGS, very much enjoyed 2, but I thought the others were awful.

I also love the way so many of them think MGS has a good story. Lots of cutscenes=\=deep story
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User Info: WeskerTeam

5 years ago#13

How could someone not like 4. It is the best game on the PS3 to date. Maybe not best MGS.

User Info: Bristow84

5 years ago#14
^ I think Uncharted 2 is the best on PS3, MGS4 is a close second
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5 years ago#15

MGS and Uncharted dont need to be made into movies as they are already movie like

User Info: DrStrangelove88

5 years ago#16
Guns of the Patriots was more of an interactive movie TBH. I cry when I watch Paul Anderson movies.
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User Info: salamoreblood

5 years ago#17

uncharted was a great game to but i never call any game best of any thing. because almost every game has some thing good going for it. if it a great game then its great but it dosent mean its better than another great game because its different. its like you go to see a scary movie and it was a great scarry movie but it wouldnt have been good if it was ment to be a funny movie. thats my rant of the day thanks for readiing

as for why metal gears fans rage when you say its not a great game well its simple metal gear created well like character that people came to love so we dont see how any one else could not feel the same way about it. at least thats my take on it


User Info: WeskerTeam

5 years ago#18

Isn't MGS4 one of the highest rated games on the PS3? 

User Info: RafNasty

5 years ago#19
Well to be fair there isn't many good exclusive games to begin with.
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User Info: GrimmTrixX

5 years ago#20
supedude posted...
Kojima couldn't even make a good MGS game

i agree. hate MGS series. SOrry to say it. I beat MGS way back when on PS1 and it felt like a chore the whole time. I loved VR mission in MGS2 (sinc ei loved them in MGS) but thats it. and MGS 3.. well the camera angles blew and lets just say itsDUMB for an enemy to see me, give me a 99 second wait and even after being SUPER well hidden the enemy randomly sees me with 5 secs to spare and BAM the countdown is back to 99 seconds. I'm all set and done with that series despite owning 1-4. It's just not my thing.
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