Jake Mueller?

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User Info: angelgu323

5 years ago#1
IGN listeds Wesker Jr. Name as Jake Mueller? Wonder where they pulled that out from...

User Info: Demonhacker1

5 years ago#2
I heard the same from other sources...I think it may have been in the details given at Captivate
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User Info: angelgu323

5 years ago#3
Wouldnt doubt it.
But The name just strikes me as funny? I guess lol

User Info: Bristow84

5 years ago#4
Considering IGN has been right about everything so far, and I've seen the name from other sites, I'd say it's one of their sources.

Or Captivate.
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User Info: Tixus

5 years ago#5
They give the name in an interview.
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