Why is Ada so popular?

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User Info: zeloswilder_fan

5 years ago#1
Topic; genuinely curious as to what makes her special compared to other characters.
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User Info: evil_zombie11

5 years ago#2
She looks Asian.
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User Info: LordNobunaga

5 years ago#3
She's hawt
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User Info: SiLVeR_420

5 years ago#4
evil_zombie11 posted...
She looks Asian.

Only she's an American born in China...
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User Info: Spade59

5 years ago#5
Badass female spy that operates behind the scenes.
Thinks of Wesker as the complete douche that he is (was).
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User Info: TheDawnRider

5 years ago#6
It always makes me laugh when a character is popular and then someone comes out and says

"Why is (insert character name) popular?" It always happens, also with movies, books and videogames.

User Info: desi_shinobi

5 years ago#7
Because she looks like Kelly Hu
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User Info: manonfiya

5 years ago#8
Yeah I always thought of that as a silly question. Characters are popular because people like them for any number of reasons...it's not likely that if you hear those reasons all of the sudden you like them too lol, what's the point?

User Info: thevirgin878

5 years ago#9
shes mysterious

User Info: HarlequinChaos

5 years ago#10
She's a spy
She's asian
She's an empowered female
She's attractive
She's competent
She has a hookshot
She can take on "the boys" and win
She's double crossed one of the series Protagonist (Leon, multiple times)
She's double crossed the series main Antagonist (Wesker)

And the list goes on...
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  3. Why is Ada so popular?

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