Gametrailers first take

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User Info: mjnoir1

5 years ago#11
fakesoundofprogress posted...
Glad to see your being mature about it

Glad to see youre proving what i said to be true. Really. If you Cant discuss the topic, why stay? Cuz you wanna break the tos 3 diff ways in one post( trolling, off-topic,bullying)? really. Move on.
you didnt even post a link! How can I discuss it with you?

Think you'll find nothing of what I posted is against the TOU. I noticed you annoyed a few board members by not making the spoiler clear enough for them. Just suggested if you wish to post spoilers of this size, you could make it a bit clearer

User Info: DarkSymbiote

5 years ago#13
mjnoir1 posted...

Why i continue to post on this site is beyond me.

90% of ppl want to just make smart ass comments. If you cant discuss the topic dont post in my topic.

I can't believe someone who just posted "" and poorly hid spoilers is hiding behind bad arguments.
My DMC HD Collection review:
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