The End?

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User Info: xxHerchxx

5 years ago#1
From the looks of the recent trailers and how so much is coming into play, it seems like it's all about to end. Chris, Leon, and pretty much everybody important else are here and actually meeting. And then they're pointing guns at eachother. The story is supposed to be super long and then there's like 600 people working on this game. If it's gonna be this big, it might just be the end for the main series.
I wonder if we'll meet EVERYBODY from the main series. Clair, etc.
Possibly, I think due to the release of ORC, we might see spin-off games.

Although ORC hasnt been well received by the audience

User Info: RafNasty

5 years ago#3
Doubt it. To end it on a boss whom hasn't been identified yet, and would be their 1st appearance... I think they could go to 10.
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User Info: CzarN

5 years ago#4
RafNasty posted...
Doubt it. To end it on a boss whom hasn't been identified yet, and would be their 1st appearance... I think they could go to 10.

I'd rather this happen.

End the series at 10 and have, like... ALL the (surviving) characters have to unite or something to take down the big, final baddie.

Idk, I personally think it would be cool to see them all have to get together and come up with a plan in a "war room" type setting.

Imagine, if you will, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, Rebecca Chambers, Barry Burton, Sheva Alomar, Josh Stone, Sherry Birkin, and Jake Mueller, perhaps even Ada Wong (an apocalypse scenario could cause a change of heart) all in one room having to come up with some sort of "end game" plan for how to finish things once and for all.
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User Info: desi_shinobi

5 years ago#5
A franchise this big, I doubt they will end it after 6. Unless they start focusing on spin offs only agter.
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User Info: theycallmebo

5 years ago#6
If they want to go the spin-off route, they need to do it themselves and put out quality products because ORC did not turn out well... probably the result of handing it over to a second rate developer. They may also go the remake/upgrade route. As has been stated by many before, there isn't a need to do anything else to the original game because it already had a remake, but RE2 & 3 are prime candidates for revival.

Ultimately it will probably come down to how well RE6 sells though. If the sales far exceed what they made on the spin-offs, remakes, and HD upgrades then they'd have all the incentive to keep making main games for the series.

User Info: NirdBerd

5 years ago#7

It won't end at 6,

There's a supposedly new (I'm not gonna say it's Ada) antagonist AND a new virus.

A new virus, that will spawn a Resident Evil 7 at the very least.

User Info: Goldsickle

5 years ago#8
Doesn't work that way.

If the current game sells a lot, it's a green light for another sequel.

No matter how much the story of the previous game appears to "wrap things up" or "tie a lot of loose ends", if they feel the need to make another sequel, they'll go ahead and do so, writing whatever that comes in mind.

None of this "they should end the series before the story deteriorates" nonsense.
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User Info: darkhill13

5 years ago#9
Resident Evil 0-3 were the zombie outbreaks in the Spencer Mansion and Raccoon City.

Resident Evil 4-5 took on the effort to show how the outbreak changed the world and tie off loose ends in the series, like Wesker and Spencer.

I believe Resident Evil 6 should not be the end, but set a new trend in the series. The newest antagonist is some kind of terrorist group with its own motives, aware of but separate from Albert Wesker. Jake is a new character whose lineage will make him the focus of the game. I believe future games will focus on new characters and new situations that revolve around the use of the mutagen viruses and bio-organic weapons. Heck, RE5 was supposed to be the last game in the series.

My personal opinion? Screw RE7! Give us an RE2 remake!

User Info: xxHerchxx

5 years ago#10
Guess it depends on how things go on 6 then. If they do go up to 10, I'm probably gonna be like 30. That's if they release a game every 3 years. As for remakes, I'd like to play the older ones with new graphics and new features. I have 1,2, and 3 downloaded on my ps3 and 4 on my 360, and haven't gotten around to playing 1,2, and 3. And for spinoffs, they should do in internally. If they outsource again, then it should be somebody good like Ubisoft or Visceral.

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