Zombies with guns?

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User Info: DrakoVongola1

5 years ago#11
istuffedsunny posted...
This is not only blasphemy to RE, this is an insult to everything horror. The sad thing is, the more Crapcom tries to emulate Call of Duty the better RE will sell. Meanwhile Mikami is creating a supposed horror game with Unreal Engine 3 that's being published by Bethesda, Silent Hill is now Alan Wake, and the upcoming Fatal Frame is a port of a 10 year old game with added waggle controls. I'm seriously about to cry right now. Someone reassure me that it will all be better. PWEASE.

Why have I not heard about this?

Also, how is it a bad thing?
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User Info: caboose84

5 years ago#12
As two others have stated before already, the only enemy we know of so far that can use guns and shoot back at you are the J'avo, which are B.O.W.'s. The actual "zombies" if you will, can only use melee weapons against you if they just so happened to be carrying them when they became infected, which means most won't even have weapons at all. So shut up and stop whining. It'd be nice if someone looked up and researched what they were upset about before they came here to ***** about it for once.
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User Info: jawsking

5 years ago#13
desi_shinobi posted...
Zombies, Undead, Living dead, Infected etc are all the same so who cares.

Pretty sure its the J'ave your talking about using the guns though, don't actually think they will actually aim and fire at you though.

I also remember a George Romero film with a Zombie learning to shoot with a sub machine gun which was hilarious.

It was a pistol
Also Infected are not zombies nor are they the same
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