Demo limited time only?

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User Info: XnemesisXo

5 years ago#1
Do i have to buy Dragons Dogma straight away to get the RE6 demo or can i purchase it anytime?

User Info: MidMorningSol

5 years ago#2
When you purchase a new copy/or a used one that has all the inserts intact you get the voucher. The voucher is good to get you access to the demo which starts 7/3/12 for Xbox. You can purchase the game anytime and you should have access to the demo. I'm not sure if the demo itself is a limited window offer as there were no mentions of it being a limited time demo.

I hope to God it isn't. If so, I'll rage. HARD.

User Info: Dicer7

5 years ago#3
I doubt the demo will be limited since it's planned to be available to everyone else a month later. Capcom will want to keep as much hype going as possible until release and taking down the demo before then would only hurt sales.
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User Info: SiLVeR_420

5 years ago#4
Xbox buyers of Dragons Dogma get the demo like 2 months early. Everyone else get the demo the same time.
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User Info: so_real

5 years ago#5
I haven't read anything confirming or denying that it would be limited but I preordered just to be safe.
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