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User Info: Malakaz

5 years ago#1
choose that trailer to be debut at E3? Initially i hated it because it showed straight action in Leon's scenario, but then yesterday IGN posted actual footage of Leon's demo and it was totally different. Had action elements, but had the nice horror aspect in older RE games. You would figure they would show that as their E3 reveal trailer vs the last 4 minutes of the demo where it is all action.

All in all i was disappointed at first but with that gameplay IGN posted RE6 is back on track to being an awesome game!

User Info: FreshSushi

5 years ago#2
All I saw in Leon's demo was the waypoint marker. GJ trying to make things all dark and stuff and then flat out ruining it with an OVER HERE LEON neon sign in our faces. Given the linearity of the demo, it's pretty clear Leon's campaign is just gonna be another onrails shooter.
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User Info: Malakaz

5 years ago#3
i agree that their are still aspects to it that make it disappointing, but its 10x better than what Capcom originally showed. I still dont like the fact that their are all those action type moves like the kicks and jumping on your back and shooting and clinging to a wall to see whats around the corner. I was happy to see you could turn the crosshairs off and go back to the red dot that was in 4 and 5. But totally agree with the way point. RE was all about exploring and getting lost not show me the path w a way point

User Info: so_real

5 years ago#4
Hopefully they give you the option of turning it off in the final release.

User Info: mr_metalhead666

5 years ago#5
Of course it has to have a waypoint. Can't have people getting lost in a game that's already linear.
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User Info: I_Dont_Agree

5 years ago#6
They wanted to shock and awe people. They figured that if they played enough actions sequences and bumped up the WHOAH! factor, people would like it more, because that's apparently what people want nowadays. What they don't realize is people will get very bored playing the same scripted scenes and massive QTE's over and over and over and over again.

Mercenaries offers more co-op and free-play potential, which is why it surprises me that they didn't showcase that and their co-op options. Instead, it looks like they displayed the worst this game has to offer, hoping people like it because it has big BOOMS!!!, all the while praying that fans want action shooters over anything else.
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