Just an observation.

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User Info: Ty1357911

5 years ago#1
In the third trailer, chris tells leon "she is the one who killed all my men." then leon states "I lost 70,000 people and the president because of simmons" I think that is what his name is I am not sure.
Anyways, do you think simmons has something to do with the bsaa? He himself says, " I prevent outbreaks from happening, not cause them."

What do you guys think.

User Info: Death24666

5 years ago#2
His full name is Derek C. Simmons and he works for a company called Neo-Umbrella, and was also a presidential aide.


User Info: Kyokugen_Spirit

5 years ago#3
He's not a Presidential aide, he's the National Security Adviser. He's so much more than an aide.

User Info: Stedinator

5 years ago#4
He was in a scene with Hunnigan so he's clearly acting as someone of importance for the 'good guys' while having machinations of his own, much like RE1 Wesker.
"I'm going to go do British things, like drink cups of tea and eat bangers and mash, that sort of thing...because I'm British"
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