Resident evil 6 jacket

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User Info: Ty1357911

5 years ago#1
For any that wants to know what the limited edition jacket looks like for japan. Look here

Looks legit

User Info: Shadowlinkex

5 years ago#2
... Not sure if real... x__x

User Info: DaltonM

5 years ago#3
I used to be a ninja...

User Info: Ty1357911

5 years ago#4
If you scroll down a tad bit, it shows more pictures and one if the pictures is a guy wearing one. Looks alright

User Info: RineN1

5 years ago#5
Its real... and EXPENSIVE AS HELL
Geez, i think you can buy the console and a regular version for the cost of it, lol
Thats if the price they told me is the real one

User Info: G1243

5 years ago#6

it looks pretty cool on the CG Leon, but the actual thing on a person looks like **** and completely different.
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