How much content will be on the disc ?

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  3. How much content will be on the disc ?

User Info: yesman75

5 years ago#1
Just wondering how much content we might have to pay for as dlc ?

User Info: Isiah Zombie

Isiah Zombie
5 years ago#2
A lot

User Info: yesman75

5 years ago#3
i wouldnt be surprised.But it would be nice if the dlc was only costumes and not really required.

User Info: I_Dont_Agree

5 years ago#4
Capcom Dev #4: ''Just about done with extra costumes and weapons.....''

Capcom Dev #2: ''I hope you're gonna do what the boss says this time.''

Capcom Dev #4: ''Don't worry, I've already locked most costumes and bonus weapons on the disk already.''

Capcom Dev #2: ''Yeah, but the boss wants you to cut out the the ending and bonus campaign so we can sell it back later.''

Capcom Dev #4: ''...The hell? It's already there, why not just include it?''

Capcom Dev #2: ''Sorry, boss's orders. He wants more DLC. Though I think he wants you to lock that as well, so we don't have to upload it to the Marketplace later. We'll just give a code or something.''

Capcom Dev #4: ''Well, alright. But the customers better not figure out we're doin' this crap again.''

Capcom Dev #2: ''Relax, we'll be fine. Besides, the fans love it when we do this! It makes things so much easier for us and them!''

Capcom Dev #4: ''.....Whatever. Just let me work in peace, alright?''
''It's hot as hell in here.'' ''You see it too? For me, it's always like this.''
James, Angela- Silent Hill 2
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  3. How much content will be on the disc ?

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