stuff i noticed in the "Art of Resident Evil 5"

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User Info: Ninja_Gaignun

5 years ago#1
Lickers originally had a second pair of "pick axe" arms covering there chest. They were also much thinner and covered in spikes.

The "squids" that erupt from enamies mouths originally had 7 long "feelers"

The small spider plagas originally were to erupt from the heads of Majini, grapple onto to Chris, than attach themselves to his back.

The bat boss originally had a bee stinger under it and long tentacles coming from its mouth.

The dogs looked like classic zombie dogs with missing patches of meat.

Chris was originally thiner, had longer legs, and looked much younger, his Melee Vest added several ammo pouches too. (There's also concept art of him in more military style gear)

Sheva's art shows her dual wielding an Uzi and an M92F
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User Info: Bristow84

5 years ago#2

Go to this site and read the article. You'll want I destroy Capcom for scrapping this version of RE5
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User Info: DemonSlayer92

5 years ago#3
Dwelling on the "could've," and "should've" is a mistake. I like Resident Evil 5 as it is and what it could have been doesn't matter to me -- only what it is.
"Just because the story isn't for everyone doesn't mean it's a bad game." -Brimuslabus
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  3. stuff i noticed in the "Art of Resident Evil 5"

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