I give this game 10/10

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User Info: cougertheclown

5 years ago#31
You believe in your opinion and enjoy the game TC, more power to ya!
I'm loving the game as well.
Yes I'm 15, deal with it.
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User Info: FaDRain

5 years ago#32
AhrimanTheStill posted...
You see flaws but can still give this game a 10/10? Do you realize how reviews work and how 10/10 is virtually a flawless game with no visible flaws atleast? If you can see some its atleast not at 10. This is the problem with casual gamers reviewing games in this day and age everyone is afraid to admit they enjoyed a game thats less then perfect. It has to be a 10/10 to them. They cant admit "Wow i enjoyed this game it was fun the whole time through but i found a few problems/flaws with this this and that so ill give it a 8/10 maybe a 7.5".

Seriously people have forgotten the definition of the word quality in gaming and so everyone just rides on the foolish delusion of its all their opinion. When quality itself shouldnt be subjective. The same goes for wow i didnt like this game 1/10 If someone doesnt like a game personally they should atleast be able to identify if the game had any real huge flaws or if it was just them not enjoying how the game specifically was designed to feel,

But w.e you probably wont read all of that.

I did read it. I read everything, there's no reason not to when someone has spent the time to put their thoughts into the world.

Skyrim got perfect scores from a couple of reviewers and it was riddled with bugs. Despite some of them being funny, a game being buggy to that extent on release is a flaw admittedly, in theory, a fixable flaw.

Like I've said, the things that I pointed out did not really detract from the game for me, if it had been frustrating for me because of those things, yeah, I would have subtracted a point. Now that I've played for a while longer, I've come to think that the headshot thing fits into the gameplay, they fall over when you shoot them in the legs, they turn when you shoot them in the arms, headshots tend to stun them so I guess them being resistant to them is for the benefit of the more in depth melee system.

User Info: FaDRain

5 years ago#33
Now that I've maxed out weapon damage, every headshot on a zombie kills them. If I had taken a point off for it, I would now have to put it back on because it was a decision intended to get people to use the skills.

User Info: blankempathy

5 years ago#34
Hiten Mitsurugi S posted...
I agree with the topic post so much. The cover system is easy to use.....what are people talking about?

Its not the ease of use that makes the cover system sucks. Its that its pretty much worthless since melee will run up to you and 1 bar of damage from gun fire knocks you out of cover anyways. Better off just standing behind something not in cover so you can block an enemies line of sight and let melee funnel in while picking off ranged when you get a chance.
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User Info: OmegaPillow

5 years ago#35
Hiten Mitsurugi S posted...
I agree with the topic post so much. The cover system is easy to use.....what are people talking about?

You mean so useless, and clunky the cover controls are? I didnt see the problem with pressing one simple button to cover, capcom just doesnt know how to do shooters right
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User Info: Neo_Rizer

5 years ago#36
It's a 3.5 / 10 at best.
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User Info: ish0turfac3

5 years ago#37
joncoallstar posted...
This game has garbage control.

Clunky as hell. This gameplay sucks ass compared to previous Resident Evil's.

I don't think we are even playing the same game. Clunky? What are you smoking?
GT: ish0turfac3
Please tell me more while I'm sitting over here in my corner eating popcorn not giving a crap about your opinion.

User Info: Arcturon

5 years ago#38
While I outright hated it when I picked it up on release day last week, its grown somewhat on me and I hate it less. But even so, I think it tops out at a 6-6.5/10 for me. And if it wasn't for the fact that my girlfriend was enjoying us playing co-op together....it would be traded in today when I go grab Dishonored.

Part of my hate is the way they do inventory/weapons this time around. I thought a merchant was ridiculous when they added it into 4, but I grew to enjoy it as I realized the route RE was taking....more action, less trying to survive. Cool, so I buy guns and upgrade guns and ammo/first aid. I can get into this, I'm not playing a survival horror, I'm playing a zombie shooter with an o.k. Then 5 came along and kept nearly the same idea. Then 6 just throws it all out the window for skills I can literally take or leave, it doesn't increase anything by a noticeable amount....and takes out my now loved weapon upgrading and splitting roles between my girlfriend and I. Everyone just gets all guns, has a very limited inventory and there are too many shared ammo types and we can't split stacks of ammo and send it to one another anymore, you send all or none.

Secondly the story. Chris campaign was slightly more interesting than Leons....both characters in Leons story were far too weepy and overly dramatic with every statement that was said to the point that it was laughable. *spoiler* when Ada keeps showing up in different outfits, one acting bad, the other good....really? You two couldnt pick up on that after watching a video of her being cloned? Then the female characters sister had me constantly groaning as she tried to save her time after time. I have yet to start Jakes, so I can't pass judgement on that or the other campaign.

Combat is my final irk. Melee was a fallback in previous games, something to get you away from zombies for the most part. Now I can essentially wade in with my knife, then crush a zombies skull as its stunned, which might tag another zombie in the action, which means I can quickly nail his head to a wall. Etc etc....melee in a zombie outbreak is retardedly overpowered. And the cover....I know some of you are defending it, but i personally hate it, it just doesn't work as well as it could with so many games out that do cover well. And it has a tendency to activate when I don't want it to. And while I've gotten the hang of the dodge system....Chris campaign feels like everything an enemy fires is a .50 cal. Sniper shot? Knockdown. Pistol? Knockdown. Smg burst? Knockdown. Enemy swings a sword? Knockdown.

This is just my 2cents though, glad some people can enjoy it. It just wasn't for me and I dearly wish my gf hadn't liked it so I could pay less for another game by trading it in.
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