I see the natural progression for RESIDENT EVIL 7

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User Info: Fredrick2003x

5 years ago#21
pobatti posted...
Fredrick2003x posted...
Resident Evil already had two first person shooters (Survivor and Survivor 2) and I liked them well enough, but mechanically they were piss poor. Keep in mind the first FPS for the series was made before Resident Evil 3 was even out, so its hardly a new thing.

I would be all on board for Resident Evil becoming an FPS.

Those games were too focussed on the novelty that 'you hold the gun', that they were rather lightweight experiences that were incredibly on-rails.

I'd like to see a RE game take a Skyrim/Fallout 3 approach. In some respects we're almost there already (or at least, we were until they removed tank controls), since RE4 and 5 were essentially first-person games with an avatar positioned close to the camera blocking some of the view.

Remove that avatar and the games would play a bit better, I'm sure of it :)

I never played Survivor 2 since its Japan only, but Survivor was most definitely not on rails. You could use the light gun but I didn't, and I didn't feel I was missing anything. You had items to collect and puzzles to solve and you could move around freely. Aside from the horrendous control and mechanics there is a great game lurking under there and I think something similar attempted with today's high quality and fluid controls could really be something.

That is, if it was done like those games. With puzzles and ammo pick ups, with herb mixing and the slow paced Resident Evil story. We all know it'll have regenerating health and be about alpha bravo tango stopping the russian zombie force after an emotional 2deep scene showing the vulnerability of america etc.
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User Info: wwesniper

5 years ago#22
apatrick0516 posted...
wwesniper posted...
I have a feeling they're going to go back to Resident Evil 4 style.

Tank controls and all.

I wouldn't even be mad.

If they made RE7 like 4 but with better controls, I'd buy it day one. Also, no stupid AI partner if you choose to play solo like in RE5.

Though even if they kept the same controls, I'd still likely love it. Played 4 to death.

the dumb AI partner in 5 is only there for multiplayer reasons.

That is the ONLY reason. They wanted multiplayer in the game, and the only way to do it was with an ingame partner that was CPU controlled in single player.

Although, they could have gone the route of Dead Rising 2 and just had the partner show up in multiplayer only and be a non-canon part of the story. But I guess they wanted to be ambitious
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User Info: garcia_jx

5 years ago#23
Moose_Of_Woe posted...
You've got it all wrong.

FPS? Please. The entire game is one massive quick time event.

Chris Redfield's arch nemesis has returned! Wesker? Of course not you fool! The boulder has become zombified and has now taken the form of a massive asteroid headed for Earth.

Only Chris can go in to space, without a space suit, and punch that boulder right out of orbit. Also the boulder has "MATALO!" written in bright pink neon lights across it.

And then Optimus Prime dies followed by some more explosions.

After you finish the game, you unlock another QTE fest titled Barry's Beard. That's a story for ANOTHER time.

Quick you fool. Make this copyrighted before someone from Hollywood takes your idea.
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