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User Info: AsbesdosMoth

4 years ago#41
revanninja posted...
AsbesdosMoth posted...
It's still just buildings. No old, foggy villages or giant gothic castles or vast murky lakes.

If that is what you are looking for yeah but alot of the buildings are impressive like for example The bombed out building in Chris 3 it has alot of nice touches same with the barge areas and even the highway.
If all you are looking for is gothic you arent going to find ANY in an urban area that is not italy or england.

I'm not saying that's what I necessarily wanted, I'm just giving examples of the variety that RE4 had over RE6.
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User Info: RustyMuFFins

4 years ago#42
As a fan of the series as whole, RE6 is the best I've played so far as I like the horror elements of the older games, the tension of the midseries ones, and the playstyle of the latter ones. RE6 has managed to incorporate that so far. I haven't beaten it yet, but I'm considerably satisfied and even somewhat impressed. Start off on Veteran, that's what I've done. It makes things more challenging at a time when you don't know where everything is, so it's not a Rambo zombies vibe. Sometimes, even early on, you'll just have to run if you want to survive.

As for cheap deaths... initially. There's about a two-hour learning curve to this game -it's a completely different animal than the previous ones. This one keeps you on your toes and punishes you hard for not being alert at all times. After getting incapped by the crawling zombie though, you learn to be wary of the dead bodies whether the cursor lights them up or not. It's a simple matter of paying attention and being fast with your responses. God forbid anyone has to think in a survival horror game to avoid dying. (Facepalm)

As for the bad... the basically learning a whole different game can't really be considered bad as Capcom is basically listening to fanbase for once (who knew they listened?) and went back to the surivival horror(ish) vibe. So for those who came in on game 5 will probably be disappointed. This isn't harcore action and you'll be running on a single clip of ammo for the first three sections at least before you get a handle on the melee.
Here's where the bad comes in... no manual. For a game that differs so greatly from previous installments it takes a lot of fiddling around and dying to figure out what's what. It's not hard to once you find a place to do so in peace, but rest assured you'll die on the first section due to lack of understanding. The in-game help only gives you the barest taste of what's available to you.

Second, this is the one that annoyed me the most, there's a bit of lag between button press and action on screen in the form of prompts -I'm not referring to QTE's. I'm talking about the cursor spinning on the dial and triggering it at the right time in the green space. You almost have to time it to get it which throws off the tension a bit because it requires you to either have the game's rhythm down prior to playing it for the first time or to break the tension after rushing through a horde of zombies, shooting, and kicking, QTE dodging and leaping onto helicopters etc. and... wait for it... wait for it... damn, missed it. Okay, again. Fortunately it doesn't come up often and odds are it won't be an issue later as gamers tend to get used to the game pacing, but for first-time play, it is a little weird.

The only other thing I can think of -which isn't necessarily bad, is that the characters have much more fluid movement. (Wait, isn't that good?) Eh... sort of. It's pleasing to see how well done it is, but in terms of bolting back from attacks with the precision of RE4 and RE5 via 180 turn, run, 180, shoot isn't there. They move somewhat like Jade from Beyond Good & Evil in terms of turning. Unlike BGE though, these characters stop and have little to no recovery time before being able to shoot again which is nice. It just makes things a little more challenging in closed quarters full of zombies on the floors and around you and whatnot.

The good is great, and I mean great. The atmosphere has been nailed. It's unsettling and creates tension almost effortlessly. The indoors sections are unsettling and the city is chaotic and alive. If you've played Bioshock and remember how alive Rapture was, this city does that here by means of chaos. A runaway car nearly running you over is startling and things like this pull the player in quite well I think. (No prompt btw, find cover.) The AI partner will NOT drag you down (they're negligible really) and you can shoot while moving and melee without stunning -though stunning yields better melee results.

I highly recommend giving this game a go.

User Info: gOwCoD4

4 years ago#43
According to gamefaqs, anybody who gives this game above a 2/10 is a fanboy.

Personally though, with all the content in the game (I'm 9 hours in and I just finished Leon's campaign on normal) i'm impressed. I haven't tried Chris' campaign, and I just beat Chapter 2 of Jake's campaign, and so far i'm liking it. Mercenaries is fun with a friend, and Agent Hunt reminds me of Left 4 Dead's versus mode, if you played as one of the lesser infected anyways.

I give it a 7.5/10, but mind you I haven't finished the game yet.
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User Info: Yamaguxhi

4 years ago#44
It's fine I guess. Controls are the biggest problem IMO.
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User Info: Bigj089

4 years ago#45
Id say 3/5

Has more of a classic zombie feel with a few twists thrown in than 4 and 5. Im only on Leons playthrough so far but the atmosphere feels more like a horror game than RE5 did as well. Shotguns! Actually powerful so far besides a few miniboss type enemies. I also like the concept of the three separate campaigns so far but time will tell how it pans out.

Controls seem kind of wonky and the quick swap has taken some getting used to. Also some of the "misfortunes" I guess you could call them just seem way too placed and happen WAY too often. Just doesnt have a natural feel. Thats really the best way I can explain it. Ive found aiming to be a bit of a pain as well but Im also used to M&K for shooting so maybe that ones me. Also on the QTEs that have the stop zone, where you have to hit the button while the cursor on the wheel spins and goes into the zone, seems like it was designed for people with HORRIBLE reaction times or people that have to take their eyes off the screen and look at the controller before they hit the button. Takes getting used to.

Overall Id say its at least worth a rent.
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User Info: maddgamz

4 years ago#46
Posted 10/3/2012 3:53:58 PM
message detail


Game is fine, it's pretty much where most people knew the series was going after 4 and 5. If you aren't blinded by hatred of Capcom you will probably enjoy this game.


User Info: rrojas_1926

4 years ago#47
Time for a Non capcom fanboy.


Graphics are worse than RE 5

Gameplay is poor gear of wars clone.

Leon Campaing star good and keep going good. I stopped playing hes campaing in Chapter 4 and started chris

Chris Chapter 1 campaing was ok nor bad or good just fine.

Too much gray scenarios

Many unlockables


Enemys with fire guns are the worst part of the game so far.

UnOriginal bosses So far.

Still the game is entertaining but is not worthy of a full price i say RENT IT.
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User Info: GameMan27

4 years ago#48
Gears of War? Thats a weird way to spell Killswitch.
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User Info: Akagehisa

4 years ago#49
Nice post,, I'm not a fanboy,,, and i'm enjoying the game,,, I'm playing this one super casual, on easy,,, and the AI from the enemys in this level is hillarious.

I have finished 2 chapters of jakes story,, I like the blonde girl,, dont know her name,,, it is my fav campain, I'm starting leon's 1st chapter, looking good,,, but I definetly hated Chris 1st mission,,, at the point of almost quit the game,,,, it was boring, and repetitive as hell,,, filled with ridiculous situations,,, I hope he's second mission its better,, coz it really didnt give me much reasons to continue hes campain.

It's growing on me little by little. I enjoyed 5 a lot, 4 was a little bit boring to me,, but as I said, I'm not a classic RE fanboy.
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