New 2 resident evil.

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User Info: RedReaperkiu

5 years ago#1
Hello. I am new to resident evil well in some ways i know a little bit about what is going on. I watched my friend play through the first and second games long ago and i picked up raccoon city which alot of ppl say has nothing to do with the actual storyline. and yes i have seen the movies but i know movies are really never acurate. I want to play this game with my friend coop but will i still enjoy the game eventhough i dont know much about the storyline or characters? or i guess i am basically asking if this game is worth picking up if i do not know much about resident evil. Forgot to mention that i enjoyed raccoon city.

User Info: RedReaperkiu

5 years ago#2

User Info: EmblemWarrior

5 years ago#3
there will be a lot of call backs, but you don't have to have plyed the entire series to know whats going on. Plotwise, this game can stand on its own like 4&5, though there will be moments tat have you going "WTF are they talking about" occasionally.
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User Info: SeaMen

5 years ago#4
OK SO I'm recovering from surgery and im bored i'm gonna give you the quick and dirty version.

RE from a technical and design standpoint is very different per incarnation. The game differs heavily between certain incarnations and everyone has a favorite. The problem is people get attached to the name on their favorite, thinking Resident Evil is a definitive type of game. It's not. RE1 and 2 are great survival horror old school games. RE5 is a fun co-op survival/action romp. RE4 is a great single player action romp, RE6 is generally more fast paced and action with some new features to accentuate the action over the survival aspect.

Very important to remember: The hate on RE6 (or any new RE for that matter) comes from fans of different RE's. Me personally i loved RE1 and RE2 (huge departures from RE6) But RE6 does things the others don't. Each RE may drop or add mechanics to accentuate the style of that particular game, the next sequel may add old features in, keep new ones, etc.

The argument could be made that RE is a series that struggles with it's own identity, but I disagree. I feel that Capcom just plays it fast and loose which is good and bad, but as far as RE is concerned I generally like the decisions. The technical decisions are usually very subtle but really make the gameplay interesting. For example in RE6 if i'm on a boat in this river and my teammate drops on the boat behind me, my aim is interrupted because the boat rocks. I feel like subtle things like this helps build the tension that remains constant through the series while emphasizing the action in this particular installment. That's just my opinion but at least i'm rationalizing it instead of just throwing out empty complaints you know?

I can make tons of points about the game itself from a technical standpoint but the fact is it is a solid action game, it's got co-op, it's got great decisions when it comes to certain things they've taken out or included, it's a very solid and most importantly very FUN game. Play through on professional, go at it with a friend, it will run you about 30hours for one straight run through (over including an extra campaign and playing other chars.

That being said, the story is a whole nother monster. Again, fast and loose, things you think are going to happen probably will and you'll laugh it off as "saw those coming" moments. Other times you may be like "AWWWWW SHIIIIIII-"

Diving into RE lore is a complicated task. However, I suggest plot summaries on the wiki but if i had to recommend the bare bones I'd say check out the story for RE1, RE2, RE4 and RE5. That will give you what you need to enjoy 6 in full.

Hope i was helpful, anything specific you want to know i'll answer if i'm online.
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User Info: RedReaperkiu

5 years ago#5
Thank you emblem and seaman. You both were very helpful. And also thank you for takeing your time on your comment seaman.

User Info: Talon5967

5 years ago#6
Everything about the game worth posting has already been posted above, so I"ll just move on to what would have been my last comment:

The games and the movies, while both having the RE name, are basically parallel universes. They have similarities, but one has nothing to do with the other. Approach them with that in mind, and you might even be able to enjoy the movies.
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User Info: RedReaperkiu

5 years ago#7
@talon fair enough. i enjoyed the first movie. and i dont remember 2 or 3 very well. havent seen the other movies past that.
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