Bought the game; haven't opened package yet

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User Info: RonBurgundy929

4 years ago#11
Bought mine today and haven't opened it yet either. I'm stuck in a hospital :/
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User Info: jamralex

4 years ago#12
Thanks for your input, Raddy! I think I'll start playing tomorrow and give it a whirl.

User Info: SolidStryder

4 years ago#13
From what I gather, all the campaigns are vastly different. Chris has a real action heavy campaign, I finished that last night. Not very REish, but I thought it was an amazing story. Granted it's been a while since I beat 5 (never actually bought it, the direction RE4 took left a very sour taste in my mouth, but Chris is my favorite character so I split screened it with a friend), but the story seemed to have an overall darker tone than 5.

I just got to chapter 2 of Leons story, but zombies are back. Heads explode and nothing pops out to keep attacking you, every corpse you see on the floor makes you hesitate to walk by because it might suddenly wake up. The first chapter is pretty dark, literally. Not alot of light, moans in the darkness and around corners. It's been a long time since an RE game has given me that environment, it's giving me nostalgia lol.

Personally, I'm really enjoying it.

User Info: SomberMitsuki

4 years ago#14
The story is like a good movie.

and the gameplay is as crappy as transformers 3 was. unless you liked transformers 3,
which there is nothing wrong with liking transformers 3. It's just the game would be great if
they had removed the gameplay and had made a movie instead.

The controls are klutzy, The quicktime events not well implemented, and almost requiring you to break the controller for the completion of certain ones.

Being able to get the ability to pause the game is convoluted. I ended up playing through 2 campaigns unable to pause till a friend showed me what I had to do to be able to.

The game as a whole doesn't feel like a resident evil game. Like RE5 is abandons the Survival horror roots to be a "me too" action game. It's not scary, There is a very minuet
bit of atmosphere but it never comes close to the level of horrific intensity. That isn't to say there aren't intense moments in the game. They just aren't intense scary.

I do enjoy action games, I really do. It's just not something I think of or expect out of the biohazard/RE Series. However i'm not annoyed at the game being an action game. It's poor design choices made in the game that are so off putting and make me wish that I had rented it rather than bought it.
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User Info: JascoD

4 years ago#15
RonBurgundy929 posted...
Bought mine today and haven't opened it yet either. I'm stuck in a hospital :/

Can't you find the exit??
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User Info: TheGrandFinale

4 years ago#16
I've been playing RE since the very first game. Here's my thoughts after completing Leon and Chris's campaigns

Leon: Great throwback atmosphere and sly nods to RE 1-2. It's fun punching holes in zombies and the RPG-lite elements make it addictive to replay chapters. The level design is linear and the puzzles are RE4 style. None the less, the action is fast, fluid and the story takes you to great looking places from the burning, zombie infested Tall Oaks, to a gothic cathedral in a thunderstorm all the way to aquatic ruins filled with undead knights (seriously), The C-Virus zombies and their various mutations are all a fair great deal of fun to blast apart. It's great to see Crimson Heads and good ol' Cerberus again. Great redesign on the CHs too. The sheer variety reminded me of RE4's insane level design and while it never reaches these heights, it's far beyond the dull locales of RE5. The final chapter was a series of stellar battles against one incredibly well designed opponent. Top notch stuff.

Chris: I'll be blunt, his first 3 chapters are terrible. The gunplay is clunky and adding enemies with firearms showcase the engine's deficiencies. The levels are nothing memorable in the first 3 chapters save for snowy Edonia. Most encounters are poorly designed and enemy fire repeatedly knock you down over and over. Absolute lowest point are two broken fights against helicopters that are absolutely unfair and unfuriating. QTE are not only over abundant but far harder than usual and actually require putting the controller down on your knee and mashing furiously. On the flip side, Chapter 4 and 5 were great. The action got better and the setpieces better designed. Great use of tension and a sly throwback to Revelations. Final boss was a total ***** to fight, until I figured out how to expose it's weakpoint. Then it was smooth sailing. None the less, Chris's story was a mediocre TPS in the end.

So yeah. Leon was topshelf material, Chris was mostly bad save for the final two chapters. I'd say the game really is worth it so far but it has it's flaws obviously.

User Info: Rome218

4 years ago#17
I made a thread Yesterday pretty much saying the same thing. I've been playing the demo Today, and I am leaning towards bringing it back. I want Doom 3 BFG and Serious Sam 3, which comes out this month.

This game doesn't seem bad, it just doesn't seem 60 dollars and tax worthy. There are some cool things about it, but.. not enough. Gamestop allows you up to 30 days as long as you have a receipt and and unopened game to return it.
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