This game is more Resident Evil than 5 was.

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User Info: Just_a_loser

4 years ago#11
I don't know, I'd say RE5 was better in the sense where it was easier to pick up and play. The levels were only about 5-15 minutes long compared to an hour+. And It had a nice weapon upgrading system.

And RE5 had a certain style to it that I really liked, from the way Chris and Sheva moved and etc. I like them both for different reasons.
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User Info: Tuggboat1121

4 years ago#12
I'm somewhat disappointed with the game but its still a ton more Resident Evil than that 5 crap
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User Info: JascoD

4 years ago#13
KingVee posted...
Sure It plays differently but there are things that make it different. Actual zombies, many older characters, etc. It has a much more "horror" atmosphere then 5, but less than 4. I personally love the game and it's my runner-up GOTY (behind Borderlands 2) P.S. Yes Chris's campaign is a crazy action movie, but I LOVE it.

I have to agree. Never even though about it, but actually it's so true!

I just remember that feeling when the zombies came back in Leons campaign, felt/feels so nice!
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User Info: TheMightyPickle

4 years ago#14
Guys, please stop spreading lies. It's not cool.
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User Info: Howatizer

4 years ago#15
I agree as well... as over the top as 6 is, I find it far less silly then 5. I mean in 5 I found myself shaking my head all the time at where the story went and the environments. you ended up in. The beginning in 5 had a nice build up that, for me, fizzled shortly after.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#16
Leons campaign alone feels more RE than the whole of 5. then you have bits and pieces of chris and jakes. So its like 50% more RE than RE5. ahem.
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User Info: AgentX7k

4 years ago#17
I loved the multiple campaign thing. I considered that a big part of the RE series and this game did it better than any of them.

User Info: Silent_21_Snake

4 years ago#18
Agree with TC, haven't gotten very far but Leon's feels like the older games, never got that same feeling throughout all of 5. Not saying 5 was bad, liked it, but it wasn't a patch on 2 or 3.

Though, having said that. Not all that enamored with 6, i do like Leon's campaign but having a difficult time adjusting to the inventory and the fact that nowhere can i find a button layout. Wouldn't have thought it that taxing to put it in the options showing the buttons, just a picture of the controller and arrows indicating what does what. Would help so much, and the ability to pause the game would be nice. Shouldn't have to disconnect from invite only settings in order to take a bathroom break.

A lot i like about 6, mostly it's feel, atmospheric and at times pretty hairy, more scares than 4 or 5 had. I'm sure once i get to grips with the controls, still can't remember how to dodge or jump shoot like i was doing in the demo but am hoping at some point in the hints during loading it might be kind enough to tell me the buttons. Got the absolute hell beat out of me on normal, done all things RE5 related on Pro and yet finding RE6 normal as a tougher challenge. Not saying that's bad, because much like the older RE games it serves well to conserve ammo and run.

I would just like to revert back to the old inventory, add a control scheme menu, enable pause during invite only and work out how to pick up a herb and have it directly available to use without having to enter my inventory and assign it to my tablet, or vice versa, damned inventory, i can't get used to it. Sure i will soon though, still in the first few hours of playing.
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User Info: Dawn and Dusk

Dawn and Dusk
4 years ago#19
I think both are equally not survival horror. That said, I think they're both pretty fun co-op action games, wouldn't have played either had I no co-pilot.

... and work out how to pick up a herb and have it directly available to use without having to enter my inventory and assign it to my tablet, or vice versa, damned inventory

I think it's uh... RB+X (or possibly A) to automatically transfer all inventory herbs to your tablet, but it's a one way trip no matter how you do it. Have to commit to whatever leveling of mixing you've done.

User Info: liamx2000

4 years ago#20
LeonPlisken posted...
Chris's even managed to pull off some tense moments. I absolutely love the shootout in the gun store on Leon's campaign though, there are so many nods to the Raccoon city outbreak.

yeah chris's flashback stage was great !!
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  3. This game is more Resident Evil than 5 was.

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