In my opinion....

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User Info: Just_a_loser

5 years ago#1

This is in terms of their personalities.
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User Info: y2schwabe

5 years ago#2
Havent played all of them yet, so can;t give my own list. But Helena wasn't that bad. Plus she DID have some major issues losing her sister and all. Same could be said for Chris. being one of two last surviving members of his unit. (Multiple times throughout his life, actually)
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User Info: Devilfire111

5 years ago#3
Sherry, Leon, Jake, Chris, and don't care for Helena or Piers.

User Info: GetGoodBro

5 years ago#4
Just_a_loser posted...
Claire's whereabouts>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Leon>>>Sherry>>>>Piers>>>>Jake>>>>Chris>>>>Helena

Why dafauq has Claire not been on a numbered RE series since 2?

Exactly make a dlc or something for her crapcom.

User Info: Enix Belmont

Enix Belmont
5 years ago#5
In RE6 ONLY, not including other games(where leon is far more interesting), IMO, it's

Chris > Sherry > Leon > Piers > Jake > Helena.

I don't like Jake at all, but Helena doesnt have a personality.
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