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User Info: PoeticBeats

5 years ago#11
Jamanjax posted...
From: PoeticBeats | #006
I swear, Mercenaries has become butchered in this one.


Meaning, it isn't very enjoyable and intriguing as RE4 and RE5. Just my opinion.

User Info: mcsmellington

5 years ago#12
I don't mind so much the approach they've gone for. I loved RE5, it was great fun on co-op. What I don't care for in this one is the shooting mechanics (I've hit you in the head three times now, you should at least be staggered), the cover mechanics (just awkward), and the camera. I don't even know what it is about the camera that puts me off, but something about it is uncomfortable to use.
GT: McPoo

User Info: garcia_jx

5 years ago#13
I do miss the one shot to the face and then giving them the old falcon punch.
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