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User Info: _Resident_Evil

5 years ago#1
has anyone else noticed the random 6's in the loading screens? like a when leon is dodging back and shooting you can see a 6 in the gunfire
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User Info: nazacuckoo

5 years ago#2
No? is this real?
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User Info: _Resident_Evil

5 years ago#3
yeah if you look at the zombie on a load screen in leons campaign you can see a 6 on the side of his head
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3DS FC: 0430-8571-9082
(message deleted)

User Info: _Resident_Evil

5 years ago#5

this is one of the loading screens
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3DS FC: 0430-8571-9082

User Info: SquallLuvsL4P

5 years ago#6
I've noticed them, eah.

Sometimes the're on the zombies head or necks. (In the Boomers case in his boob)
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User Info: koutsu88

5 years ago#7
maybe a hint at the mark of the beast? (666)

could be the next game is a end of days type scenario
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