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User Info: pspoweryeah

5 years ago#1
Please respect my opinion as I will yours!
My Darksiders 2 Review -

User Info: pspoweryeah

5 years ago#2
Little bump!
My Darksiders 2 Review -

User Info: Zeeksie

5 years ago#3
I stopped watching right when I heard the awful intro song.

User Info: simonbelmont2

5 years ago#4
Thanks for the link man, I like your reviews. You gave the game a decent rating that reflects your views on the game. I also agree that a really low score like 3 or 4.5 is usually for crap games that are also broken in some ways. RE6 has flaws but at least it tried some new things. The game is also perfectly playable though and fairly glitch free. I certainly feel RE6 is much better than ORC.

What did you think of Ada' s campaign and Mercs mode? I didn't see you mention those in the review.
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User Info: pandoraorb

5 years ago#5
Thanks, Whity!
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User Info: ultimalegion

5 years ago#6
I pretty much agree with you. Specially on the fact that giving RE6 a low score is just silly, pretty much the bad scores stemmed from the reviewer grading RE6 solely on its demerits, not taking its merits into consideration. There is a vast difference between Thor, Iron Man and Ninety-Nine Nights type games and games like RE6.

I also strongly agree that this isn't Raccoon City, nor should it be. While RE: Revelations revisited that feel to a very successful degree, it isn't the only way to go. Sticking with what used to work 10 years ago isn't the best idea. I personally like the product we ended up with, specially mercenaries.

Fair review, well commented and everything.
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User Info: gOwCoD4

5 years ago#7
Zeeksie posted...
I stopped watching right when I heard the awful intro song.
People really need to stop complaining about the inclusion of online passes...

User Info: Mr_Grieves

5 years ago#8
funny review i liked it
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User Info: tuznecote

5 years ago#9
That is actually a very very accurate balance review. Well done Whity

User Info: vigorm0rtis

5 years ago#10
I haven't always been a fan, but you're getting better from a critical standpoint. Keep at it, I'll keep watching.
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