So.. I still haven't opened this..

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User Info: Realist2615

4 years ago#11
WTFNightmare posted...
RageKaiser posted...
Dude...Just play it. Seriously, If you don't like it, you can trade it in.

Answer honestly.. would you risk playing it and then trading it in for like 30 dollars? or would you go the safe way and return it for 95 dollars

First of all, if you open it and don't like it, don't moronically trade it in to Gamestop or whatever shop nearbyest you. It's giant waste of money. If you take a nominal amount of time and place it on Ebay or something instead, you will hardly lose anything but a few dollars.

If you're really that unsure, then don't risk it. Many people here will tell you that the game is still worthwhile, even amongst the sea of negative posts, reviews and trolling. If you've played 4 and 5, then you should know better yourself than anyone else if you will like it or not. Even if you don't believe a single thing else you read or will have read from this site; It's best to make your own decision at this moment. Posting here will not help you any with that.

Seriously. Just play the demo at least. If you played it already, play it 3 more times. Figure it out on your own or else people here might make you regret it either way you go.
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User Info: LightningHawk90

4 years ago#12
Where did you buy it?
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User Info: Chrono_teeth

4 years ago#13
i half expected a DONT OPEN THAT DOOR reference

User Info: Ninjamiroquai

4 years ago#14
Return it, then rent it from Gamefly.
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User Info: RyuForce

4 years ago#15
Don't open it. Not because the game is bad (because it's good if you like the RE 4-5 style) but because your case might contain traces of the C Virus gas instead.

You don't want to risk being a zombie...right?
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User Info: ffturismo03

4 years ago#16
I wouldn't open it. I'm glad I just rented this game for a few days from red box to get through it. I'll never play this garbage again.
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  3. So.. I still haven't opened this..

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