I was wrong Resident Evil 6 is pretty dam good.

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User Info: timesplitter82

5 years ago#11
i dont know why all the hate im loving every minute of it

User Info: Sacrament4

5 years ago#12
WOT BS posted...
Sacrament4 posted...
But Capcom did a horrible job of getting you acclimated,

maybe capcom actually listened to gamers and its intentional? a lot of people don't like it when games "hold their hand"

That's why there's literally a way point to EVERY single objective in the game? You can't half-ass introducing the new controls, then literally guide you to every mission objective...That's completely backwards. Dark Souls doesn't hold your hand during actual game progression, but at least it instructs you on how to dodge.

User Info: ethan1007

5 years ago#13
Well for me this game is pretty much a adaptive game to players, if you can adapt the concept, you love the game, if you can't you hate the game.

Capcom been always re-define new gaming concept to the norm, there is many TPS type of games in the market, how you manipulate it is what give you the gameplay concept, most people go with the norm, cause is familiar to the players, hence promote sales.

Capcom goes against the odd and this is what they get, risk. Is either people love it or hate it.

But i still feel as much as it may accomplish is making your TPS experience more enriched, i am a person who just go with the norm, unless the new concept is easy to adapt. Not only capcom made it hard to get used to their new ideas but the whole things may hinder from the games, which is a big risk

I dont really get the game yet, hope i will, but as for now, i am not impress although i see what they want to achieve with it.

User Info: FaDRain

5 years ago#14
decepticondevil posted...
i played through Leon's campaign a couple times and kept thinking "What is everyone complaining about? This game has some minor annoyances, but overall it's awesome!!"

Then I played Chris. Chapter 1 was unimpressive. Chapter 2 made me want to throw the game out the window. Game tells me to cross a bridge. I start crossing it, it explodes, random debris kills me. 4 ****ing times. Tried going different ways.... stay to the left... stay to the right... die. Die. Die. Finally managed to find some sweet spot and survived, but it was infuriating. Then trying to run through the area with all the boats and snipers (chapter 3?) with no ammo anywhere. Then trying to run from the helicopter over the boats and AI Piers dies and I can't do a thing about it.

I still like this game, and I still don't think it deserves a 4.5 by any means, but now I see why it's getting so much hate. It should have been pushed back about a year.

The AI can die??? Really??? I did not know that, I don't even know if the AI has gone down yet, it might have, I've probably just not noticed.

I just ran and slid across the bridge to the sandbags, then moved up the same way. It wasn't difficult at all.

I guess you were just unlucky with the ammo (I didn't have problems with ammo often, but when I did it was awesome, especially when fighting bosses). I'd recommend using the Increased Item drop skill.

User Info: CrimsonWing321

5 years ago#15
Um...I thought the AI could never die. Unless, like for instance, you have to help them ala SPOILERS!!!!

Deborah about to impale Helena after the mine cart ride.

I've done the boat level on numerous occasions and never once did Piers or Chris die (played as both). Now, I will admit the amount of snipers is ridiculous and annoying when you go down and your AI partner can't get to you in time before they shoot you, but that was my fault for trying to run through it carelessly.

Maybe you had a crappy co-op player jump into your game if you were on online mode. But I don't think the AI can die at all in that section because I've even ran around busting boxes on boats to get skill points and ammo with a crap ton of lasers pointing on us.

I think this game is really fun and quite frankly the best third person action game this year. I'd give it a 9 out of 10. The cover system, while adaptable and competent, it has been better implemented in other games. Also the camera, it doesn't bother me but again, there has been moments when it has gone crazy and is seriously sensitive when adjusting.

A 3 out of 10 or 4.5 out of 10 is absolutely ludicrous. I'll stomach a 7 out of 10 if you absolutely couldn't get into the game, but as a game in and of itself despite preference is an above average product. Mileage may vary from person to person, but in no way is this a "bad" game.

I don't think Kevin Van Ord should be fired because he may have been annoyed throughout the whole game, but as a professional reviewer writing a journalistic critique he has a duty to separate that emotional influence to objectively review the game because obviously there will be people (like us) who will never have the experience he had, yet will play the very same game he did.

There is a serious loss in journalistic integrity for Kevin VanOrd, heck even Brad Shoemaker and Jim Sterling. There needs to be an editor that can spot a review versus hateful rhetoric. We as an audience and consumers want reviews, not opinionated rants. It is difficult to write a review objectively, but that's the skill that comes with journalistic writing and separates fact from opinion.

You can hate this game all you want and that is totally acceptable because of preference and your god given right to have an individualistic opinion, but in no way way does it give you grounds to base that as fact for reviewing a game. I hated playing through Skyrim, it just isn't the game for me, but in no way would I NOT give that game a 10/10. I totally understand and see the greatness in that game despite my personal opinion on it. Just because I couldn't adapt to its play-style and was bored to tears doesn't justify grounds for me to call it a "bad" game.

Kevin VanOrd might need to reconsider his profession if we are to see more slanted reviews like what he did for this game. It's misleading and damaging.

User Info: Nemerlight

5 years ago#16
WOT BS posted...
Sacrament4 posted...
But Capcom did a horrible job of getting you acclimated,

maybe capcom actually listened to gamers and its intentional? a lot of people don't like it when games "hold their hand"

If Capcom listened to fans at all they would know how we disliked QTE, driving sections and camera in RE5. Sadly they made it worse in 6.
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User Info: MetalGearPoose

5 years ago#17
I've only played Leon and Chris' campaign so far... And I've only reached chapter 3 in each campaign, so I can't give a full review. Leon's is decently entertaining, but Chris' is just a chore to play. I'm constantly running out of ammunition with my machine gun and I have always played conservatively with ammo in shooters... The partner AI is atrocious. (as well as the enemy AI)... I was surrounded by my team during the first or second chapter at one point and there was a javo standing right next to me... facing me for about an entire minute before I noticed he wasn't a member of my squad... he wasn't even firing. he was just chilling with us. lol... and none of my team even raised a finger to attack him.
^Of course, this is just MY opinion.

User Info: FreshSushi

5 years ago#18
I played the game and it's still terrible. Leon/Hel = RE 5. Jake/Sherry + Chris/what'shisface = Gears of War, if Gears of War was made by incompetent baboons

God the perk system and pointless dog tags to appeal to CoD players is just so stupid. Pretty evident that Capcom really has no idea what CoD OR RE fans like about their respective franchises.
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User Info: Yamaguxhi

5 years ago#19
I played it and didn't like it. I don't see how anyone could like it either. It clearly needed more time in the workshop. Nothing works the way it's supposed to. The game trys to be many different things and it sucks at all of them.
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User Info: moodyjm2

5 years ago#20
I did the same thing TC.

Judged it very harshly based on the demo and Gamespot's review, but I had a friend come in for the weekend so I decided to buy it. We had a blast in co-op. I felt some things were clumsy but overall a good buy. The graphics are damn impressive.

Kevin's review at Gamespot has me confused - mainly because Kevin is known for his very objective reviews of RPGs, so I'm not sure why he was tasked with reviewing RE6, other than he is a Senior Editor.
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