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User Info: mrpic

4 years ago#31
gamer tag : boltonwanderers

will be up for playing mercenaries or jack and leons story missions still on first playthrough

please nobody under the age of 16 im a mature gamer and i cant be doing with squeakers ^^

longtime resident evil fan not the biggest fan of this game but its goood enough to complete fully^^

User Info: Lewisrich

4 years ago#32
How do you actually add people on the site?
GT: LKR101

User Info: Enrampagement

4 years ago#33
GT: Commanduhr

Started uploading data after beating 3 campaigns. Whoops.

You can add people from their little profile pages on re.net

User Info: aviusnubius

4 years ago#34
I'm in. I will add people once I get home from work, but until then my GT is aka Riley Esco. My nickname is the same.
Gamertag: aka Riley Esco

User Info: moss81-brady12

4 years ago#35
CDAWGYDAWG911 for nickname and gt

User Info: megabiltong

4 years ago#36
Nickname on RE.net - aaaghZombies

I'm down for anyone to add me too, need to do some co op on professional

User Info: TEFLON31

4 years ago#37

User Info: DARK_KROW777

4 years ago#38

User Info: Muthos

4 years ago#39
Nickname and GT: Veghunov

User Info: DarkKhali

4 years ago#40
Khali on re.net.
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