For all the people saying Leon's campaign was gonna be the best.

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  3. For all the people saying Leon's campaign was gonna be the best.

User Info: PJXcellence

5 years ago#11
Funny I just finished Leon's campaign 20 mins ago.

Chapter 1) Boring until the end when I reached the gas station
Chapter 2) Pretty cool all the way through
Chapter 3) Began well, then became completely ridiculous
Chapter 4) Enjoyed overall, until the annoying boss fight
Chapter 5) HATED.... Seriously worst chapter I've played yet

All I have left is both Chris and Jake's fifth chapters..... I choose to play Helena entirely through Leon's campaign and could not believe the way they shelved me up on that floor during "encounter with what's his face and the two love birds".... (where they were fighting on the connecting bridge)..... Who thought that was a good idea?

User Info: TheWayOfTheGun

5 years ago#12
I haven't beaten the final chapter but I loved it. The first 2 chapters were perfect and I thoroughly enjoyed the underground part. It definitely had a RE 4 vibe to it that I liked.

Jake's campaign so far just feels like Gears of War tbh.

User Info: Artha_Penn

5 years ago#13
I just beat Leon's campaign. That's the only one I've done so far. Beat it with no skills equipped, so I was dying enough times throughout it. Still, the whole campaign kept me rivited, and Simmons...sheesh. I didn't think they could do a HUMAN version of TRANSFORMERS...but man they pulled it off. Quite freaky, and the FLY version of him? I couldn't help but say "HEEEELLLP MEEEEE" in a high voice from it. lol. (kudo's to those who get that reference btw.) All in all the game is great. Will be starting Chris's campaign next.
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User Info: Irvine Tomoe

Irvine Tomoe
5 years ago#14
Leon Chapter 1 > Ada Campaign > Jake Campaign > Leon Chapter 2+3 > Chris Chapter 1+4 > Leon Chapter 4+5 > Chris Chapter 5

His story gradually went downhill as it shifted from zombie survival to QTEs, huge bosses with no real weak points or strategy other than "unload", enemies that won't stay dead, and auto-deaths.

Most of chapter 2 and 3 was still fine, but I've never been one for the "catacomb" type zombie, which felt more like a fantasy ghoul type zombie than one from a zombie apocalypse. The intro to chapter 5 COULD have been good, minus the forced time limit from the fog that autokills you.
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User Info: y000012500

5 years ago#15
Leon's Campaign was great the whole way through. Loved every minute. I've only finished Chris and Leon so far though.
But out of those two, Leon had better boss fights, better locations, a better story, and a better ending.

User Info: Bojangthe4th

5 years ago#16
y000012500 posted...
Leon had a better ending.

What? Is today opposite day or something?
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User Info: Nonoru

5 years ago#17
It's the best after Ada's to me.
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  3. For all the people saying Leon's campaign was gonna be the best.

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