Fastest way to unlock unlimited ammo

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User Info: Ramner84

4 years ago#1
I want my wife to play this game with me. But I think that she won't play very long with me due to lack of ammo. What's the fastest way for me to unlock this so I can get her to play the story? Thank you.

User Info: Gobey6

4 years ago#2
Beat every campaign on easy and save all your skill points to purchase unlimited ammo gun options
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User Info: RineN1

4 years ago#3
Beat all the campaigns on Amateur, easy~
Also, grind for a while in mercs... an hour or 2, plus what you might picked up in the campaigns should be able to unlock everything you need
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User Info: ocelot51

4 years ago#4
Beating all for scenarios is the only way to unlock infinite ammo. You then have to buy it on a per weapon basis.
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User Info: Ramner84

4 years ago#5
Thank you i will start now and save my skills

User Info: JiZjAz

4 years ago#6
Out of interest how much is infinite ammo?
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User Info: Warzore

4 years ago#7
79000-99000 points

User Info: otakutwin

4 years ago#8
The fastest way to actually get enough skill points accumulated is to plays mercs.
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User Info: Lordshafter

4 years ago#9
the only skills i bought in the campaign were increased item drop, defense lvl3, and firepower lvl1. Other than that I just saved all my skill points and was able to buy the unlimited ammo without playing mercenaries for the shotgun and magnum which is really all you need to easily beat the game on pro.

If you find yourself needing to grind a little more skill points then play mercenaries, it really is the quickest way to get points. Ammo is actually plentiful in mercenaries if you have a decent idea of what your doing so your wife might enjoy playing it with you which makes it much easier.

The only thing really difficult about mercenaries is finding a competent partner, some of these guys on xbox live make me want to pull out my hair.
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User Info: kniferunner

4 years ago#10
You have to go pretty far and not die in mercs for it to be any good for skill points.

If you die you dont get skill points. You really dont get that much till you get over 100 kills.

Use chapter 5 of chris' campaign, the lever technique.

Unless you can get alot of kills in mercs and not die.
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