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User Info: CaoNiMa69

4 years ago#1
I have only played through the four campaigns on amateur and normal (I want to build up the toughness) but every time I start a new game plus I only have the weapons you start with in that chapter. Is this right? I feel like I should have all my guns available from the start, but I dont. So whats the point of new game plus?

User Info: RineN1

4 years ago#2
Your load out sticks to each chara, wich means if you beated a chapter with Leon and then start the other with Helena, she will be missing the stuff
But everytime you select New Game + you should see the option to remove all the weapons instead of your initial load out
If you are not, then pick up Chapter Select instead
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User Info: CaoNiMa69

4 years ago#3
Also I have played as both characters in each campaign (except ada's obviously)

User Info: N7Spectre707

4 years ago#4
Yeah each character has their own set of weapons, they don't share.

And also the text for new game plus is confusing, it says something like "start game WITHOUT previously obtained weapons yes/no"

When usually you are asked of you want to start a new ame WITH what you previously obtained yes/no. So watch for that.
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