Does ANYONE like Jake?

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User Info: Degalon

5 years ago#21
la2ya2n posted...
I thought he was cool, fresh new character to be honest

I wouldn't say "fresh" or "New", to be honest. More "Just plugged in a generic Western game character".

...oh. HA! I GET IT!


WESKER! SOUNDS LIKE WESTERN! That's why Jake is so Western! Western Wesker! Weskern!
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User Info: Aculaud

5 years ago#22
See i don't think Jake was a cliche western GAME character, he was a cliche WESTERN character period. Remember how much Asian culture LOVES the cowboy motif. I mean, how can you watch him ride off into the sunsent on his Ducati and NOT have the theme from the Good, The Bad, And The Ugly going through your head? They wrote and executed the idea pretty well, his character develops nicely, starting off as a prick and gradually developing chemistry between he and Sherry, and then finally redeeming himself at the end. He's an homage to many anti-hero type characters that came before him, which...helps the cliche part more than the homage part, but i liked him...i thought his melee feature kicked ass, especially after the upgrades for it as well as combat gauge...

User Info: Retneug

5 years ago#23
Capcom is incapable of making non-cliched characters.

That said, I'd rather have a new western-appeal character with personality than another eastern idealized brooder like Leon and Chris.
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User Info: Malzel

5 years ago#24
I like him. But he does have a few moments which are out of character to borderline absurd.
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User Info: DragonKnight387

5 years ago#25
I don't care for Jake's Starkiller face. He should have looked more like Wesker, then Chris would have had reason for why he thought he looked familiar.
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User Info: hehe101

5 years ago#26
no he can get out my life, help.

User Info: Aculaud

5 years ago#27
DragonKnight387 posted...
I don't care for Jake's Starkiller face. He should have looked more like Wesker, then Chris would have had reason for why he thought he looked familiar.


User Info: Daimeocara

5 years ago#28
To be honest.... I like him. In some ways it seems like they regretted killing off Wesker, so instead of saying "Oh Wesker isn't really dead" or "Someone made clones of Wesker", they gave him a son out of seemingly nowhere (I missed a few of his aqua medals so, maybe their is a better back story once you collect enough of them.) . Since he's young and possibly has some characteristics of both parents in his looks, it makes sense why he doesn't look a lot like Wesker (With his sunglasses on he does look like him kinda.). If they age him a few years, give him slicked back hair, and have him wear his sunglasses all the time, then he'd look just like Wesker with a scar. With that said, they did do a decent job of writing him in and how they developed a bond between him and Sherry was great. He only seemed kinda like Dante in the secret ending because he was being heroic. Had he been killing good guys or innocent people, then he'd resemble Wesker even more.

I can't help feeling that he will somehow become the new villian/rival for Chris, since they got that going where he nearly shot Chris and decided to take the higher road for now since the fate of the world was at stake. I don't see why Jake hates Chris.... His father was going to unleash a deadly virus on the world. Of which would kill anyone who couldn't handle its effects like he could (For all Jake knew, the virus could have put his life at risk and yet he didn't seem to realize that his father didn't care about him or his chance of survival.). Jakes genetic makeup seems more like Jill's than Wesker's, since he is immune to the virus, while Wesker would gain strength and powers from it (Just imagine Wesker with the power of all of the viruses so far. Ancient, Progenitor, T, T-Veronica, G, T+G, Cameron's, T-Abyss, Uroboros, X, and the C-Virus.).

User Info: PatrilotIV

5 years ago#29
Yeah, I liked him quite a bit actually. As far as main characters go in the RE franchise he's a good change of pace from the Cop/Special Forces Agent that swarm throughout the series.

I'm sorry but aside from being bald (which he isn't completely, unlike half of that list), he really doesn't look a thing like most of them. I'll give you Starkiller, there's similarities there.. but Cortez? ANY of them from Gears? Kratos, The guy from Hitman? Makes me wonder if the person that made that diagram has any idea what they're talking about.
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