Just bought RE 6 A last night, question

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User Info: blazinapple

5 years ago#11
deadpool_legend posted...
blazinapple posted...
deadpool_legend posted...
blazinapple posted...
deadpool_legend posted...
Uh no...unless you get grabbed and don't follow the Quick Time Even prompt, you shouldn't take more than one bar or two bars of damage, assuming you're playing on Normal. Are you sure you had full health when you got attacked? I know that's a dumb question, but nothing in this game really one-shots you.

not true... ive been 1 shotted by a javo with a machete with def lvl 3, also been 1 shotted by ustanaks shotgun arm in the boss battle with jake and sherry... on normal too... its a glitch

I've sunk about 80+ hours into the game so far...that has never happened to me...and if it is a glitch, it's obviously a rare one and so for it to happen to TC so many times within like an hour, seems off.

nah i dont think it is as rare as u may think. it has happened as well to 2 of my buddies.1 friend got hit by a sniper javo after killing the snake and went down instantly and another by some random zombie cop flailing his arms in that mercs stage that looks like taichi or whatever that place is called.

this is on normal with def lvl 3 (both of us rocking that skill) in campaign with the 1 guy

As for the other guy i play with in mercs. he had full health. even screwing up the qte/counter, at most it should take maybe 2-3 bars... maybe 4 on pro.(but u cant change diff. in mercs.) been awhile since i let a enemy grab me n get that far.

i would say its a uncommon problem.... def. not rare

How odd. I swear I've never encountered it...maybe I just didn't notice, but you'd think I would...especially if it's as common as you say...

i said its a uncommon problem... not really common or rare. somewhere inbetween

out of the 15 ppl i played the campaign or mercs with from time to time. its only happened to 3 of us, but 2 of my buddies that i mentioned previously said the same thing happened to ppl they play with.

but i never heard it happening as often as the TC is mentioning. its only happened to me and my 2 buddies once or twice and never again. i know we didnt screw up our skill sets cuz were health whores lolol

its odd the TC is seeing this happen so often....
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User Info: NeonKittyxD

5 years ago#12
Ok. no. it never happened to me either. and u are talking about Javo. not zombies. unless its a zombie cop with a gun. then itd make sense. :)

User Info: Mindwipe77

5 years ago#13
i'm on chapter 2 now and it has not happened since, so i think it's all good now anyway.
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