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This game is too dark

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  3. This game is too dark

User Info: Mindwipe77

5 years ago#1
I can barely see whats going on half the time. I try to mess with the brigntess setting and when i try to light things up it just makes everything uglier making the edges of the screen like pure white. Its not gamebreaking but man i have been hit so many times simply cause i cant see whats there
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User Info: blazinapple

5 years ago#2
im guessing you had real fun on the worst stage in the game.... jakes snow stage where you are literally blind for half the time. you cant even admire the stage because of the sheer darkness and constant blizzard every 2 mins... way to go crapcom
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User Info: RineN1

5 years ago#3
The perfect Bright setting is 35
Then, mess around a bit with your TV settings
Works for me and my friends :D
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  3. This game is too dark

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