I thought Agent Hunt was a person

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  3. I thought Agent Hunt was a person

User Info: RussianBacon

5 years ago#1
I have snausages

User Info: JustinTheJagged

5 years ago#2
It is.

A person controlling a monster.
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User Info: gans626

5 years ago#3
I think he meant a character whose an agent of some sort whose last name is Hunt, therefore other characters would refer to him as Agent Hunt.
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User Info: Frozen_Memories

5 years ago#4
I thought so too. I thought he/she was gonna be a main character of a 5th or DLC scenario.
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User Info: zepedachemical

5 years ago#5
China Tomate Madre Foca

User Info: moodyjm2

5 years ago#6
zepedachemical posted...

Thanks for clearing that up lol.
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User Info: siegeshot

5 years ago#7
I thought Agent Hunt was the name of the agent that was eventually being patched in. :(
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User Info: AlmightyBobo

5 years ago#8
Agent Hunt is HUNK's son
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User Info: CoolBeansAvl

5 years ago#9
Bahaha, I thought the same thing.

AlmightyBobo posted...
Agent Hunt is HUNK's son

Yeah I thought it might have something to do with HUNK >_>
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User Info: TVthePunisher

5 years ago#10
I guess I'm the biggest idjit then, before I knew Helena's last name I thought it was referring to her. Helena Hunt ;>_> I was like "Agent Hunt mode, eh? So a solo mode as Helena or something..?". I've got my herp-derp cap on, don't worry.
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  3. I thought Agent Hunt was a person

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