What can we expect for 2013's Resident Evil calendar?

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User Info: TVthePunisher

4 years ago#1
Ever since 1996 Capcom has released multiple Resident Evil games every single year, whether they're re-releases or ports. This past year we got 3 new games, the year prior we received updated HD ports of RE4 and C:VX. If you use this as a reference (seems like compiled information on each release) Capcom always has something coming out every year.


So...can we expect news on a brand new entry into the series? Maybe an ORC 2 or...another 3DS title (maybe even a Vita release)? How about some HD ports? Heh, I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom's little "if there's enough interest we might remake RE2" shtick was simply a way to get ideas of what to release RE-related in 2013...

My guess: REORC Gold Edition (or RE6 Gold), Revelations port to the 360/PS3 and at least two more games making it to XBLA (RE2 and RE3 probably, assuming they don't bother remaking 2 and let alone 3...).
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User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 years ago#2
I cant see them making a sequel to ORC at least not as ORC2 but I would welcome it if they polished the gameplay a bit made it more like the RE6 gameplay.

User Info: Davyyyy

4 years ago#3
Not much, maybe a lot of DLC for RE 6. i don't think capcom will make more RE games to PS3 and Xbox 360. Maybe a new game for Wii U. As for the 3DS a don't think we wil se that game with Claire in the lead ( forgot the name of it )
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User Info: zepedachemical

4 years ago#4
Capcom should at least kick it into high gear to make at least one stand alone campaign with Jill, Claire, or Rebecca for the ones obsessed with her. At least a couple more maps for mercs. Not sure about the multiplayer dlc's though.

There's plenty of good that Cap can do for this game.
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User Info: Nightbird_X

4 years ago#5
Why an ORC sequel? That game was so goddamn terrible.
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User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 years ago#6
it was'nt terrible it just was'nt as polished as it should have been if there is a sequel they should let the people who made revelations handle it then we might get the following
Raid mode
Weapon customisation(to an extent)
more survival horror.

User Info: Cactuar

4 years ago#7
I for one would like to see an Xbox Live/PSN release of RE Outbreak 1 and 2. Yeah it was kind of hit or miss with some people, but with the online capabilities we have currently I think these games would be a lot of fun to play... plus I never got to play them online on PS2.
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User Info: Ada4ever

4 years ago#8
They might do dlc like RE5 like the Jill extra mission
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User Info: UltimateGeth39

4 years ago#9
Dare I hope
Outbreak 3.

User Info: TVthePunisher

4 years ago#10
I sadly never got an opportunity myself to play Outbreak 1 or 2 online. I did have the games during the online service however I only ever played single-player (man was I missing out). The AI of course is horrendous (not the worst of Capcom's, see Dead Rising 1 for the worst AI in a Capcom game) and overall I love co-op experiences...

Outbreak 1 and 2 would be AMAZING and I'm sure they'd sell indefinitely, many fans who loved it on the PS2 days would get it for 360/PS3. Though I don't doubt a retail release in Japan for it, as I actually imported Biohazard: Revival Selection to include in my collection =).
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