I Think this game is great. Not sure why everyone else doesn't.... (spoilers)

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  3. I Think this game is great. Not sure why everyone else doesn't.... (spoilers)

User Info: Ada4ever

4 years ago#11
I agree resident evil 6 is a really good game. Leon's campaign was my second favorite and was really good. Most of his campaign had zombies and was just fun. Chris's could have been better in my opinion. I just didn't like chapter 2 and parts of 4. Jake's was not bad. I loved how beast he was in hand to hand and how he changed his personality through the game. The last part of chapter 3 was not fun for me, it was annoying. Ada's in my opinion was my favorite campaign. It answered all the questions to the other 3 campaigns. It was just fun and my favorite to play. It was fun to play solo and not have to worry about a partner but it could have been longer. Mercs is good again and I love the selection of characters you have to chose from and a good amount of maps.
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User Info: KOTRwhoops

4 years ago#12
Decent game, but the worst RE in the main series by a huge margin and I include zero in that.
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User Info: mbj7944

4 years ago#13
This game is better than 4 and 5. And 0 is a really good game... it is borderline in my top 3. Billy Coen rules. not too mention it has the best atmosphere outside of 1 and the Remake.
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User Info: Andronicus87

4 years ago#14
I dont get it if you can move an shoot and dodge and roll people complain. If you can only stand there and shoot slowly people complain. this game is exactly what RE is and should be at this point. evolution. we cant have six zombie mansions or facilities to bumble through. as more of the story is revealed more game play mechanics become nessecary story evolution means game play evolution.
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User Info: jpv2000

4 years ago#15
I love the game, myself. I'm still playing it.

Should finish up my pro run today to get my 1000/1000.
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User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#16
I absolutly loved this game. I think people want it to be to much like early games.we have moves on.
My favorite campaign was by far Jake, he has tons of suspense and I love the overall feel. Jake and Sherry were my favorite duo in the game.
My second favorite was Ada, she had a fun campaign. I loved the mix of the J'avo and zombies and she, in my opinion had the coolest boss in her chapter 4. She was fun, witty and sexy. Her campaign is fun, and her attitude is awesome.
Chris had my third favorite but would be my number one in story wise. They did such a good job with him and his story. Chapter 2-5 were awesome.
Leon was my least favorite but it was still amazing. I liked the end of Chpt. 1, and then 1-4..5 kind of had my head itching.
This game had by no doubt the best story in Resident Evil, best gameplay and best character diversity. I had a ton of fun the first time around, and I have played the campaigns 5 times each and still have a blast. I wish you could wear costumes in story but it's not that big of a complaint. I think people need to move on with there classic game hipster crap and just live on with these fun games. RE6 is my second favorite RE and I have play every Resident Evil.. that's how awesome I felt it was. My Resident Evil game history goes like this.
1. RE2
2. RE6
3. RE3 :p
4. RERevlations
5. RE5.
6. RE1
7. RE0
8. RE4
They all had great feel, Darkside and Umbrella didn't pop up because I don't have a wii and I don't really like the feel with the controller.

But RE6 had:
Great Story
Best Mercenaries
Great Characters
Location Diversity
Some of the best monsters in RE history

RE6 lacked:
Infinite Rocket Launcher
Story Costumes
Jill mention(Sheva got one)

Only complaint was Simmons, he just didn't hit me as the main villian hancho...the other 'villian' did hit me for sure. I thought that villian was memorable and awesome.

I just think people wanted another classic RE and were let down. We have moved on with Resident Evil and you can stay in the past and call people who do like it "Resident Evil noobs'' but most of us played all of them and enjoyed everyone. Saying this isn't resident evil is BS. Resident Evil is about Bio Weapons and always has been. It's just spread. It's an awesome game and I agree 100%

User Info: Rob_Indahood

4 years ago#17
My conclusion usually comes to:

It's a good, fun game. But goddamn is it frustrating at times.
GT: Warhound07
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  3. I Think this game is great. Not sure why everyone else doesn't.... (spoilers)

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