Do you think Resident Evil should be rebooted? And why?

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User Info: TVthePunisher

4 years ago#21
12ehsteve posted...
BlueJester007 posted...
I thought RE6 was supposed to be a reboot.

And I thought Revelations was supposed to be root-reboot. It sort of was, 1/3 of the time.

I don't see how either of these would be considered reboots when they continue the story from the other games. Not saying a reboot necessarily has to occur all the way back in 1998 but still...

If they were to reboot this, they could stick it in any timeframe they wish...and whether or not it includes RE1's characters is questionable. Looking at DMC:Devil May Cry compared to the original or even DMC3, seems relatively different...though I haven't been tracking that game much.

A reboot of the series, like a full on new story from the beginning having nothing to do with the universe that is already established...aside from the same characters and MAYBE Raccoon City (but still being an alternate universe than what we have today), would be interesting to see. Of course Capcom would reboot it with gameplay like RE4/RE5/RE6...and whether or not the first game is remade...AGAIN except rebooted fully this time as well...then would it still fully take place within the Spencer Mansion and surrounding facilities?
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User Info: Degalon

4 years ago#22
Ehm...closest thing to a reboot we've had were like..Outbreak, ORC, and i guess you can count the Chronicles games for retcons they brought in.

Then again, Chronicles also made the Outbreak games guess ORC is the only one that could really count, I guess.
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User Info: zenandi

4 years ago#23
It's still pointless though...

Survival horror depends very much on the novelty factor of the enemies -- look at Dead Space. I have to say the second game, whilst still very good, lost that crucial what-the-hell-are-they factor.

Reboots aren't going to cure that, the only way is to invent new enemies you haven't seen before. That means going forward. If you need a ReMAKE of the classic titles every two years, by all means, if it satisfy you.

Besides, we set through Resident Evil 1 through 4, with nary anything of importance happening. 5 was where actual major events kicked in - with the formation of the BSAA, dissolution of Umbrella, and Wesker dying -- and 6 merely played it out further. To be honest, we haven't even had enough of a plot to judge if it needs rebooting.

User Info: Frozen_Memories

4 years ago#24
linkkhalid89 posted...

It's like, we keep making this point, and you keep pretending it's not there. Maybe you think it's not a horrible "plot twist?"

This. Just. This.

As soon as this "plot twist" revealed itself I wanted to throw my controller at the screen. It was like years of terrible writing hit critical mass and this was the result.

Seriously Capcom, leave the conspiracy theories to Deus Ex. You can't barely handle a small scale plot.
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User Info: Goldsickle

4 years ago#25
The whole "RE6 will be a reboot" thing was misinformation from some news site.

Despite it being bulls***, people not only believed it but spread the word like it's fact.
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User Info: northshire

4 years ago#26
Shifting its focus a bit, but no full-scale reboot. Things like those never turn out well. And if they do, the fans still hate it.
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User Info: Skifer71

4 years ago#27
No reboot.

This game has gotten a lot of negative press - some deserved, some not - but the issue is game design and gameplay choices, not really the universe/storyline

User Info: linkkhalid89

4 years ago#28
Skifer71 posted...
No reboot.

This game has gotten a lot of negative press - some deserved, some not - but the issue is game design and gameplay choices, not really the universe/storyline

This doesn't mean the series wouldn't benefit from a reboot. The plot has become cumbersome and convoluted. I think a reboot, along with gameplay improvements, could really do wonders for the series.

User Info: tevin1569

4 years ago#29
By people saying a reboot, I hope they aren't getting it confused with moving back to past RE gameplay....

Anyway I like it now and it should stay as is and keep growing strong.
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User Info: paranoidxe

4 years ago#30
SilentS89 posted...
A reboot? Are you people serious? That would be terrible. I've seen how Capcom reboots franchises. Nobody should be actively wishing that on anything.

Yeah cause the Resident Evil for the Gamecube was TERRIBLE! :sarcasm:

As for if I think it should be rebooted..I don't know. Honestly I do like the RE5/6 style games as they are fun even if they lack a deeply disturbing, over the top plot and puzzles.

In a perfect world Capcom would take the best elements of the early games (dark story with twists, puzzles) and mix it with the best elements of the latest games (skills system, hand-to-hand combat, lots of action while still maintaining the horror element, decent voice acting).

If a reboot were to accomplish something like this I would love to see it. I found the original RE to have the most enjoyable story-line with Code Veronica a close second. RE4 was the closest to accomplishing this but I personally didn't find the story all that great.
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