I didn't like chris's campaign

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User Info: shinstochins

4 years ago#1
leon's was so awesome but chris's campaign just felt out of placed and belonged on another game
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

4 years ago#2
least it was consistent. couldnt say the same for leons.
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User Info: jpv2000

4 years ago#3
The Chris campaign was my favorite. Leon's campaign was my 2nd favorite, and this from someone who doesn't really like Leon. I loved all the campaigns, I should add.
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User Info: GreatJallopi

4 years ago#4
Chris's surprised me. I'll admit, Chapter 1 had me groaning and thinking, "Ugh, it's gonna be as bad as they all said." Then I was hooked from Chapter 2 on. Seriously, the least predictable campaign, and I've gotta say I enjoyed the story.

Leon's was pretty good, but the choice of final boss was predictable. Jake's was my least favorite, with the most predictable final boss. Ada's was good, but the fact that the final boss was a boss fight already in another campaign sucked.
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User Info: sbn4

4 years ago#5
Best campaign by far. It had the most gameplay, it made the best use of the controls, was consistent, and the most fun.

Leon's has too many bad gameplay choices. Also his scenario is more over the top than Chris'.
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User Info: DarkD3stiny

4 years ago#6
I enjoyed both but Chris story had me in tears at the end and no other resi story has done that, it was like watching a movie (well done Capcom).
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User Info: Fiach

4 years ago#7
I loved the Chris campaign, I played it after, Leon, Helena and Jake, so it was like a way to really blow off steam and party.

On saying that, I hated the last half hour of it.
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User Info: devilishdemento

4 years ago#8
I hate, hate, HATED chapter one of Chris' campaign. There was nothing interesting happening to keep me interested, it was just running forward and waiting for the next horde of enemies with little story progression. However, there were two levels in his campaign that I quite liked. I enjoyed fighting the Yawn-esque snake boss, and I thought that Chris' campaign's introduction of the Regenerator-esque enemies was the closest this game got to scary for me. His final boss was also pretty cool.

I can't decide between campaigns though. I'm stuck with Leon's and Jake's tied as my favourites, and Chris' and Ada's stuck at the bottom (only thing I liked about Ada's was the bit with the goo-Carla on the ship - creepy sh**).
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  3. I didn't like chris's campaign

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