To All You Jokers Who Support This Game

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User Info: longstorm555

4 years ago#51
i feel so sorry for people who can only like something if the media and the critics tell them to do so.

i feel sorry for tc who copy/pasted all these links and didn't even prove anything.

this game could have gotten 1s and 0s, i still would have liked it. it's been two months and there's not a day i don't play it. i've read all the reviews, i've seen all the scores, and i've agreed with some points, disagreed on others and i still love this game and i can't wait for the dlcs and everything else.

you gotta think for yourself, tc.

is it important to read the reviews? yes, i think it is. very much so, actually.

but you can't never let that cloud your* judgment. most reviews there are upset re6 has gone away from its roots. reviews are, in most cases, personal opinions disguised as professional by pretty words and the lack of 'i's and 'my's.

go with yourself.

you didn't like the game? try and come up with a reason without basing it on those reviews.

is it okay for you to not like this game? absolutely.

is it okay for you to judge people who did like it? no. hell no.

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

4 years ago#52
StrongBlackVine posted...
So you are have fun playing a game that is awful? That doesn't make sense to me...

Just because I like something doesn't mean it's good. I'm a horror movie fan, for example.
The Reclamation has begun!

User Info: mourn123

4 years ago#53
Mercenaries mode is the most fun I've had with two-player co-op since Warriors Orochi 3. It alone makes me love the heck outta the game now, the campaigns are just icing on the cake.
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