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User Info: Shadowlinkex

4 years ago#21
Commentary vids w/ new gameplay by IGN; interesting...




Definitely going to dislike Survivors this time around... being a zombie is absolutely broken. Onslaught seems like the most fun but Capcom should really consider a 2v2 Onslaught :)

User Info: BigMeatyClawz

4 years ago#22
Survivors is 3v3. That should be lots of fun.

User Info: Solid_Codec

4 years ago#23
What about versus?

User Info: hehe101

4 years ago#24
Shadowlinkex posted...
Realist2615 posted...
Degalon posted...
I cant watch the videos right now, can someone explain the modes to me?

Opinion: Seems to be very cool. I still think a 2v2 version would have been much better.



User Info: RekoisCool

4 years ago#25
Survivors mode would have been so much better if they had AI zombies/javos spawning. It is going to be extremely hard trying to kill a team whom sticks together on team Survivors as a single zombie :/
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