Question about Leon's story and the villain within it *SPOILERS*

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  3. Question about Leon's story and the villain within it *SPOILERS*

User Info: Sin_of_Chaos

4 years ago#1
Would it be ok to say that Derek C. Simmons is a mass murderer? I mean, some people may say he is but he didn't truely kill anyone in Tall Oaks but yet he turned them into zombies. That sounds pretty bad but would that technically be considered murder or not?

User Info: AyumiSqueezetoy

4 years ago#2
Hitler was considered a mass murderer, but i don't think he personally performed many of them....
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User Info: Sin_of_Chaos

4 years ago#3
Yeah but the thing is all of Hitler's victims actually did get killed. Simmon's victims technically didn't really die, but got infected by a virus that made them act like zombies and even caused their bodies to swell up and decay until when Leon/Helena/Ada had to defend themselves against them, then they ended up getting killed but Leon, Helena and Ada are not really murderers, they were just defending themselves against zombies.

User Info: Retneug

4 years ago#4
He's worse than a mass-murderer. I'm sure most people would rather be dead than be a zombie or BOW.
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User Info: Pechabuster

4 years ago#5
Carla killed MUCH more people. She was directly and indirectly responsible for 100X more deaths than Simmons.

User Info: SoulRequiem2

4 years ago#6
Technically said in other games and movies once you become a zombie you are no longer living thus automatically you are dead but these people didn't die on their own. Someone did it or order it. It was Simmons as he wanted the president to be shut up from throwing the US into chaos. The guy is not intelligent as he could have the president assassinated and didn't need to risk so many innocent lives. Thus he is a murderer and psychopath because he twisted his surrounding to his advantage. The good of the country cannot be obtained through casualties. Self sacrifice is one thing but not sacrifice, two very different words. IMO The guy did have a point but he did not use the tools to carry it correctly. He was greedy for power as he mentioned the instability of the country not the welfare of his fellow american countrymen. If he so cared for them he would have sacrificed so many people specially those who he tortured genetically and as shells for his "Ada" Obsession. Carla while opposite to Simmons also falls into this as Ada says "If only you had go up against Simmons alone, I would have helped you." Clearly Carla had a choice, the same one Simmons had but they both chose the mass murder one all for the sake of one person. In the end killing is bad if there is no truly horrific reason and even so it's wrong. President Benford wanted to stop BOW terrorism and cared for the welfare of the country and even the world, This is why a good guy like Leon was friends with him.
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  3. Question about Leon's story and the villain within it *SPOILERS*

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