They butchered everything in this game.

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User Info: Degalon

5 years ago#11
sidebeard posted...
Lost in Nightmares was a cool add-on. Those shambling enemies in the cells were scariest thing in RE since the dogs come through the window! lol

Ah yes...funny story about my Lost in Nightmares experience.

1) My friend (jill) had not played the original game. So I'm all excited, showing him around the mansion, thing like "And THIS is where such and such happened in the original game". Then we got to the dog windows. I was all "I bet ya the dogs will pop out again." First window...nothing. Second window...nothing. Let my guard down, spoke too soon saying "Ah, I guess there arent really any enemies in this one--" *CRASH* Que me panicking and firing wildly at what turned out to be a BAT, and my friend laughing hysterically. Repeat on our way back when the bats cam in through the other two windows as well.

2) Down in the prison cells, I'm on the top floor, looking down on my friend searching the cells for items. I see him running around, he goes right below me. Then I see something moving behind him. My first, and only thought was to tell him, "Run."
"THere's something behind you!"
"What is it?"

So he finally trusts me, and RUNS. Gets up to where I am. We look down, big ass monster carrying an ANCHOR is right where he just was, and about to make its way up the stairs. As it goes under us, I notice the characteristic Eyeball of a G-Monster on its back.

"We should run more."
"....yeah, I think so, too."

*we run.*
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User Info: sidebeard

5 years ago#12
Ah yes, the bat coming through the window was a stroke of genius!
'What did you say?! Insects' life doesn't compare to human lives!'
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