Your thoughts on the new multiplayer modes?

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User Info: Harleenz

4 years ago#1
How is everyone feeling about these modes?

After spending about an hour or so on each mode I enjoyed Predator the most.

Predator: Its really fun but the rounds are short. Ustanak needs to have more HP cause he can die pretty fast. The bug that 'helps' Ustanak is pretty useless. More annoying when it does that screeching noise when you are around it. Ustanak surprisingly wasn't that difficult to control (except when he tackles). There's a lack of ammo too...Once you use up the ammo in your starting guns, you're stuck meleeing unless you get a new weapon.

Onslaught: I actually enjoyed this. It can get overwhelming sometimes. I only played on urban chaos and the enemies were really weak.

Survivors: Fun yet frustrating. Once you die and become a zombie, its pretty difficult killing an agent unless you're good at Agent Hunt. And the teams survivors can be unbalanced? It allowed 4v2 and the game ended in like 45 seconds...All 4 players ganged up on 1 player and all went after the other one. I was expecting the weapons and melees to be nerfed for this mode, but they do a pretty hefty amount of damage. And if you get stunned, all you can do is hopelessly watch another player kill you ._.

User Info: Shadowlinkex

4 years ago#2
What you said, Harleenz. In addition to all of that, we need MORE items throughout the maps for each mode. Like seriously -___-

(Definitely need more ammo in Predator mode and more health for the Ustanak)
(Survivors by the way is just bad; worse than re5's survivors)

User Info: boy316

4 years ago#3
Predator mode is really addictive, haven't tried the other two yet. The ram is my main weapone, don't know why I can't use the cannon well, any idea which stage you can get the spinning ball thing as his weapone?

User Info: RekoisCool

4 years ago#4
I love all of them, but I do wish that they either added more items for Predator and zombies/J'avo for Survivors.

User Info: JB2021

4 years ago#5
Ehh I played it in re5 this one seems like it but with melee . Jake is not op btw with his hand to hand which is good ..... Guns make the difference.... Not that hard to kill another player took me two tries ...just wait till they are on the ground by another player then stab

By far the best mode .... Gets intense and you need characters that can take b.o.w.'s out fast because next thing you know you have 5 or 6 bosses chasing you around (even tho they are weaker they are still a threat)

which takes a lot of skill to keep the combo up and kill them while keeping your cool and your health ..... Items play a huge role in this mode because your prob not surviving long with out at least a couple of grenades ... The more you get into it the more you will notice what makes this mode great ....when it comes to strategy being around environment killers when you see your oppents combo hit 29 and getting grenades out because the eninmies pretty much spawn right next to you when they hit 30. .... Amazing


Love this mode more then survivors but rounds are too short. Ustank isn't that hard to control but harder to be precise because of lag and sometimes misses attacks . He has Little health so learning with him will take a couple of matches .... Plus you need ammo if your an agent... A lot more then they give you because remote bombs that they drop for just won't cut it

User Info: Neo_Peace_Maker

4 years ago#6
Predator mode is really fun but like you said rounds should be longer, more ammo, and ustanak needs more health. It would be perfect then.

Wasn't able to get the other modes but onslaught seems fun unlike survivors.
GT: Neo Peace Maker
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User Info: StupidMofoz

4 years ago#7
Guess i'm the only one happy with Survivors, there's kind of a learning curve with it that I enjoy. There's also plenty of ammo in survivors, they give you that little because you are supposed to be wise with it. There's also some boxes and zombies throughout the stage that will drop them, but pay attention to other players in the area.

Mainly what you have to watch is your SP bar, if you run out, you are vulnerable for a coup de grace.

The other modes however need a bit more firepower.

I would honestly say in Survivors, Sherry is very good. She gets a lot of ammo for free stuns, and when unloading on a player on the ground, her gun rips their hp away.

User Info: Missable_Item

4 years ago#8
Survivors is trash, capcom ruined it by having you spawn as a zombie or j'avo when you die which no one actually wanted, but hey this is capcom we are talking about.

Onslaught is awesome, my personal favourite of all 3 modes. Capcom screwed up yet again though by only making it 1v1 not 2v2 or higher, which sucks. Still tons of fun though.

Predator mode is fun, there is not much wrong with this mode.

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User Info: mourn123

4 years ago#9

Too steep of a leaning curve so far, it's pretty unforgiving. Will take awhile before I can say if I like it or not.

Onslaught - fun, but no split screen is a terrible mistake

Predator - Probably the best of the three, but why on earth is ammo so scarce?

User Info: paranoidxe

4 years ago#10
I dont get it, they change the campaign to a action game and ammo o' plenty throughout the game...then these multiplayer additions have crap for ammo. What fun is it when you run out of ammo in 2 minutes? Even with considerably accurate shooting you still run out.

Waste of money in my opinion, further complicated by the fact no one on X360 seems to be playing this game. Its too bad the game isn't cross platform (i.e. PS3 players can play with X360 players and vice versa)
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