Your thoughts on the new multiplayer modes?

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User Info: Lewisrich

5 years ago#11
^I always see people playing the game so I'm not sure what your talking about.

Survivors - Pretty fun mode but can be frustrating if you get caught in a knockdown loop. Had a pretty fun knife fight with someone for a while with Chris and Agent xD

Onslaught - Very addicting and much more hectic then mercenaries which makes for an intense experience, also love the music :D Probably my favorite mode atm.

Predator - Love this mode but a few changes would make it much better such as more ammo drops, bit more health for Ustanak and longer time then 2 minutes. Ustanak is great to control as which is surprising since agent hunt mode controls are awkward.

Overall for the price they are it's a pretty good deal, played em all quite a bit today so it's well worth the money. Wonder when we'll get siege mode.
GT: LKR101

User Info: Harleenz

5 years ago#12
So mostly everyone's opinions are roughly the same.

There's a bunch of people playing, but very little people seem to play ranked matches. WTF Capcom? Why even seperate rank matches? (On second thought, maybe its to prevent noob/ farming to go up on the leaderboards?) Still dumb though.

After playing survivors more, its gotten better. Using the dodge mechanics definitely helps a lot.

You can also do 5v1 in team deathmatch. Who the hell wants to vs 5 people solo?

User Info: sbn4

5 years ago#13
Survivors is bad right now. Quick shot alone ruins the mode IMO. I find Agent very annoying to fight because he can quick shot you, and then down you with a follow up shot. I don't know how dodging and sliding will work, but I did notice simply strafing around seems to negate RE2 Sherry's quick shots with her cross bow.

Onslaught is my favorite. Its really intense. I wish Mercenaries played more like this instead of relying so much on physical attacks to increase time. A 2vs2 would be nice, but I think it is fun as it is so far.

Predator is fun, but I have the same issues as most others.
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User Info: Dicer7

5 years ago#14
Quick shot as it is has no business being in a mode like Survivors. I really wanted to like it but that feature single handedly ruins any of the fun for me. Most of the confrontations I had ended up being who can quick shot the other guy first. And I don't complain because I lose. Even winning is just not fun when it can be that easy. I hate to say this but I wish Survivors had taken a few things from RE:ORC. *prepares flameshield*

The other modes I really enjoy, especially Predator. There are a few things they could fix like TC said but overall it's everything I could hope for. Ustanak is suprisingly agile and easy to control.
PSN/GT: Dicer7

User Info: Nagasada_Mori

5 years ago#15
Survivors was pretty good in RE5, but in this I just can't see myself getting into it.

You can die much too quick, and re spawning as an enemy is just annoying.

It should not end until the time is up, I really hate that it will end when all the players are killed.

Team Survivors is horrid, they should never allow the teams to have an unequal number of players. Pretty much every game I played got full, then one or two people kicked out right before the start.

The other modes are ok, but I still can't see myself getting addicted like I was with RE5 versus.

User Info: Degalon

5 years ago#16
tried Survivor and Predator, heres what I think

Survivor) Kinda sucks because its mostly just everyone using the same characters, running around and meleeing to knock you down over and over. its Operation Raccoon City all over again. There's no tactics or even variety.

Predator) I like it, but I wish that a) The rounds lasted longer, b) They werent blocked off.

Also, two things that I HATE about the new modes.

1) Freaking dubstep. I hafta mute the tv during the menus, like DOA5.

2) Why did they change Sherrie's loadouts to suck so much now? Used to kick ass, now its the freaking CROSSBOW and the stun rod. So after like...5 shots you are left with the stun rod.
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