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How does this game compare to RE5?

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User Info: PinoyxRockar

5 years ago#1
I really enjoyed playing RE5 with my brother and wanted to know if this game is just as good or better.
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User Info: SiKrayn

5 years ago#2
A lot of people say this game is worse than RE5, and in some ways I agree. But it's mainly personal preference.. I think the demo is still available to download, you should try that before you decide whether or not you want to get it.

User Info: jpv2000

5 years ago#3
I'd say it is about equal with RE 5. Which is a good thing, as I loved RE 5 and am still loving this game.
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User Info: Dark_Spiret

5 years ago#4
certain smaller elements are worse(no quick weapon switch, no weapon storage/buying/upgrading, unlockables for single player) which leads to worse replay value and it doesnt quite have that sheen of polish that 5 had. In most other ways i feel its better. Its diversity in what youre doing, the environments youre going through and the set-pieces/scenarios youre involved in are all much better and more diverse. Enemy diversity is much better along with boss designs. Youre control options are far greater allowing for more play styles(though the game doesnt do a good job of showing you everything). Its story/characterizations are also far better. You also dont need to worry about the AI this time around(for the most part) since they cant die now and they have infinite ammo. I kinda miss having to manage the ai's inventory and arsenal, but i dont miss sheva's ai screwing my over hardcore in the later chapters.

Youre also getting a LOT of content. Despite 5 having more replay value, 6's singleplayer is atleat 3x longer with a good amount of mercenaries content as well as many multiplayer modes. Overall i liked 6 more, but i do miss those smaller elements.

User Info: WOT BS

5 years ago#5
its fun and looks awesome, but once you use all the characters and kill all the enemies its kind of over. the one thing that can be said though is that the levels are LONG. you can easily spend 90 minutes on 1 of the 20 chapters or 2 hours if you take your time. its kind of weird how you'll beat a level and still want to play but then you realize you have to keep going for another hour after that
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User Info: Adrenas

5 years ago#6
RE5 was a crap game and RE6 is about the same. But to each his own, so if you enjoyed eating the RE5 turd sandwich then you will probably enjoy eating this one too.
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User Info: SiKrayn

5 years ago#7
Adrenas posted...
RE5 was a crap game and RE6 is about the same. But to each his own, so if you enjoyed eating the RE5 turd sandwich then you will probably enjoy eating this one too.

Turd sandwich?! I thought it was a Jill sandwich! Barry you lied to me again!

User Info: paranoidxe

5 years ago#8
Its like this, if you loved RE5 you'll love RE6.

If you hated RE5 you're gonna hate RE6 even more.

User Info: Res5

5 years ago#9
I haven't had a chance to play RE5 coop but RE6 is possibly one of the best coop experiences I've ever played (though that's not saying much coming from a single player guy like myself.)

I played through RE6 with my brother and it was amazing, especially when you beat it and then start on Mercenaries Mode after you've built up some skill from the campaigns.

Me and my brother, second try on Urban Chaos got 500,000 points (out of 220,000 needed for S rank) because we are both just THAT good at covering each other.
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User Info: Bernoulli_

5 years ago#10
Way better than RE5. I don't know if I can go backa to 5 because the controls are so much better in 6.
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